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Leap4Changesa is an organisation that implements education programmes in centres across South Africa to help children make the most of their education

Our projects are simple day care facilities run in someone's home to formal schools. These centres are often run by Carers who are not trained in Early Childhood Development, so during this critical time of brain development children do not receive the foundation that they need to succeed in school. Parents often work up to sixteen hours a day while their children are very young. In areas where no day care facilities are available, and there are no caretakers during the day to enrich the children’s days, children are put into school too early.This means that children are not developmentally ready and start their schooling way behind their peers. Overcrowding in classrooms often means that children fall further behind, struggle and do not develop a love for learning, which contributes to the high dropout rate in South Africa. By working in these situations we help children develop the essential skills and the ability to learn that they would otherwise miss out on. It is our goal that all children regardless of social standing have the opportunity to succeed in school thereby giving them choices and the opportunity to become productive citizen of South Africa.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Nadia Cooper
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Social Impact

Our programme addresses the 'problem' with education in South Africa. A lack of knowledge about Early Childhood development and the importance of teaching children the foundation concepts means many children from underprivileged communities are not developmentally able to cope with the curriculums. Using this specially designed programme we help these children to catch up. Our published evaluations show improvement of up to 70% in children who have participated in our programme.

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