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To ensure inclusive, equitable quality education and skills, enhance healthy lives, promote economic empowerment and build effective and accountable leaders.

Light of Hope Youth Initiative-International (LOHYI) is a leading national NGO based in Kenya- Machakos county in Machakos Town, working to serve less privileged communities around Kenya. LOHYI uses the Quadra helix approach in partnership with the government of Kenya, through ministries of health, education, youth/gender affairs and vision 2030 with other stakeholders, civil societies, corporate and institutions to design mechanism to find solutions in different communities.

LOHYII has programs around four thematic areas namely Elimisha dada/ Imarisha kaka (which translates to educate a sister/ support a boy child, Jitegemee (which translates to self-dependence for Economic empowerment), Boresha (which translates to betterment pertaining to Health), Mtaa Yangu (which translates to my town for Leadership and Governance).

The programs are tailored in over 97 learning institutions (Primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions) and the community across 4 counties in Kenya that reach over 30, 000 adolescents, youth, women and People Living with Disabilities (PWD’S) annually. LOHYI vision “A generation of responsible, and active citizens!” and her mission is to ensure inclusive, equitable quality education, enhance healthy lives, promote economic empowerment and build effective and accountable leaders.


Light of Hope Youth Initiative started in 2013 as a Youth (self-help) Group which was later registered on May 2014, it then transformed to a Community Based Organization (C.B.O) on 8th February 2015 out of the need of expanding our working area for more impact to reach more underprivileged children in Machakos.

Light of Hope Youth Initiative mission is to nurture, empower and transform local young people, persons living with disability and women to be self-reliant, independent and crucial players in developing their communities. Light of Hope Youth Initiative is run and managed by young people with a vision of ensuring the youth participate in developing their community, decision making and engage in public participation. On 1st November 2016 LOHYI was registered as Non Governmental Organization, under the name LIGHT OF HOPE YOUTH INITIATIVE INTERNATIONAL, with a mission of serving marginalized youth, women, adolescent girls and people living with disabilities (PWDs) around communities around Kenya.

Light Of Hope Youth Initiative International (LOHYI) has a program, among others that is run with sessions and activities that would equip the adolescent child to gain important knowledge hence making more informed decisions. The sessions and activities run on a monthly basis for both the Girls and Boys as we provide the adolescent girl with sanitary towel. After effective consultations from the school curriculum's stakeholders and expertise we were able to come up with the topics to be addressed in schools and appropriate presentation manuals. We have beneficiary schools, institutions across the Machakos, Makueni Counties and surroundings.

Organization Objectives

  1.  Empower the youth through trainings and facilitations to become self-reliant and economically stable on towards ending poverty in all forms.
  2. Create platforms to educate the community on health necessities as well as promoting chances for individual health awareness.
  3. Ensure inclusive and equitable education in our beneficiary schools through effective enrollment, retention and transition in learning.
  4. Facilitate and capacity build the community through skill training and facilitate economic groups to promote employment and decent work for women.
  5. Promote social inclusion in sustainable community development through providing equal opportunities for all.
  6. To have a generation of responsible and active citizens through leadership development programs and civic education.

Our Goals in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals

  1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere. (Goal 1)
  2. Ensure health lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. (Goal 3)
  3. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. (Goal 4)
  4. Promote sustainable inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. (Goal 8)
  5. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. (Goal 16)

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Duncan Nzangi
Duncan Nzangi
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Social Impact

Our approach

Working with government, local communities, policy makers, institutions and other key partners on local and international level.

LOHYI is leading in promoting quality education as a key factor for addressing inclusivity, equitable rights for all, Promoting sports and nurturing talent.

Since sports is a key factor in education, it motivates and refreshes the minds of the students.


Quality education

More than 180, 000 young people of both genders reached with mentorship sessions and structured programs up to date.

More than 15 schools have received kits e.g. volleyballs, soccer balls and first aid kits e.t.c

Economic Empowerment

  • We have been able to help form 16 sustainable groups, both women and PWDs
  • Motivation and mentoring 300 youth to start up business and linking them with financial institutions for startup capital.
  • Overseeing Projects that Improve the Living standards of students in school e.g.  Parents’ Enterprise group was able to come up with feeding program for students.
  • Decreased idleness in the community since time and effort is directed toward sustaining and improving the groups. Groups have been able to get information on how to run their groups effectively due to the information provided by our partners, e.g. Jamii Bora Bank.
  • The products have been linked to market and the groups have become sustainable.
  • Beneficiaries have attained skills that can be passed on to the members of the communities this being a valid step toward eradicating poverty from our working area stretching to the rest of the country.
  • Training of new skills to ensure diverse chances of economic growth.

Securing livelihoods

More than 5, 000 beneficiaries have acquired entrepreneurial skills and market linkages.


  1. The organization has conducted Sexual Education in 7 beneficiary schools both formally and informally through the World Starts with Me (WSWM) program that is specifically tailored for Comprehensive Sexual Education.
  2. The organization made a partnership to set up an Event that created awareness of GBV according to the Kenyan Policy of Adolescent Sexual and reproductive Health.
  3. We set up a research in 7 of our beneficiary on RTI and UTI which affects the Sexual Organs of the Adolescent this has provided a more effective reason for us to advocate for proper hygiene both in school and home.


More than 120, 000 reached with information on behavior change.

Leadership development

More than 3,500 students/community trained and empowered.

a)      Workshops and Events.

LOHYI International sets up Career fair events which include presentations from facilitators in various professional fields, enterprise world (Both Agribusiness and Business wise) and Government representatives who talk about opportunities for the youth, women and the PWD’s in the Job market and how they can secure livelihoods. Target group; Youth, Elderly and the disabled.

  1. Empowering the youth toward wealth Creation and business innovation.
  2. Providing knowledge on rights and opportunities that motivate the Disabled toward securing livelihood.
  3. Providing platforms for resourceful discussions and Networking.
  4. Connecting persons with volunteering, internship and attachments opportunities to Institutions, Organizations and Companies.

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