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We work with local organisations in and around Kampala to support vulnerable individuals and communities with a focus on medical outreach and womens empowerment.

Making a Difference in Uganda was established in 2018 after the founder Beth and vice president Hannah met volunteering there in 2017. They both came having volunteered in other countries, but as a first time to Africa. Both fell in love with the culture, people, environment and way of life. Both returned the following year, and the idea for Making a Difference in Uganda was born. Having spent time there they met a number of local people  who had started small organizations who had a strong focus and dedication to their projects, sustainability and long term planning. Rather than existing for profit or volunteer tourism they were addressing problems that faced their people, in ways that made sense. Here we saw a gap in the market to support these projects with skilled and dedicated volunteers. Our volunteer program focuses on supporting the existing organizations, while providing innovation and ideas. More importantly we believe that giving these people encouragement, hope and support is the best way to help them achieve. Having spent much time in the country we understand how to support local customs and initiatives. 

Over the past 3 years we have carefully selected partners that are doing amazing work for their communities to support through volunteers. We work closely with groups in the slums to provide basic wound care, medical assistance, food, water and company. We help the young people we work with find other pathways into education, trade and work. Additionally we conduct regular full day outreaches where we do malaria and HIV testing and counselling, wound care, and treat illness. Working alongside a local organisation we help women build skills in the production of house hold goods, with the aim of them starting their own businesses and gaining financial independence. We have close relationships with a number of schools and childcare centres who provide a well rounded education including arts and crafts, dance and personal expression. All our partners operate out of love and commitment to the people they are helping. 

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Social Impact

Working alongside out local partners we have changed a number of lives. Through our medical outreaches we have seen and treated over 1000 patients who otherwise would not have access to medical care. This includes malaria treatment, providing counselling on where to get HIV medication, wound care, provision of antibiotics and providing education on hygiene to avoid further infection. This also gives people an opportunity to learn how diseases such as HIV are transmitted and the importance of mosquito nets. We have provided emergency medical care and surgery to a number of individuals who were in desperate need. 

Additionally, we have helped a number of vulnerable street boys to transition from living in the slums, to attending school or learning a trade to give them a chance at a better life. We always encourage them to discuss their options with us and try to ensure we empower them to be able to sustain themselves long term. 

Through our womens empowerment programs we have distributed reusable pads to a number of women in the slums and community, as well as providing invaluable education on sex education, menstrual health, hygiene, consent and the transmission of STD's.

Our work with childcare centres is about supporting the children in their learning by providing additional tutoring, alternative learning strategies, encouraging them to read and engage and showing them love and kindness. 

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