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MYN stands in the gap to broaden the doors of opportunities through extending needed help in education, food supply and other useful means to curb poverty

About Us

Some active youths have found a creative niche; carefully translating the spirit of care to the underprivileged children in Christian Village, a suburb of Accra.

Mawulolo is what they call this engine. Mawulolo translates God’s Greatness, in the Ewe language. The group works around the clock, helping many more needy individuals to greatness; devoid of their menial social backgrounds.


Embarking on the breezy and lively Christian Village suburbs, you would come across a number of prime locations and exotic business setups.

But there’s more than meets the eye; a shameful hidden truth long-ignored.  One needs to travel down these exotic lanes and stroll down into the outskirts of town; the picture at Christian Village is disheartening.

Apathy breeds a vicious cycle of vice is quickly revolving, but sadly, most people turn a blind eye. Children are not spared; they are often seen scavenging for scraps and solace from strangers, endangering their lives in the process.

The sad state of the needy at Christian Village has attracted the attention of a few concerned youths, who have taken a brave initiative to help curb some of these unsightly problems.

As these youths single-handedly work to discover solutions to poverty and neglect, it is their wish that well-meaning benefactors would jump on board to assist in providing the needed resources to smoothly run the NGO.

Our Mission

v       Mawulolo Youth Network seeks to exterminate all traces of poverty in deprived communities.

v       Promoting education through reading and art.

v       Providing basic needs for children in a community.

Our Vision

v      Mawulolo Youth Network envisions a vibrant future for the underprivileged in society.

v      Raising future leaders for a better tomorrow.

v      Stimulating creativity and innovative.

Who We Are

The group is run by a handful of youthful individuals from different backgrounds; but with a common heartbeat-reaching out to the less fortunate members of society to help tap any creative force that lies within them, through providing the necessary basic tools for success- education, financial aid, and other social interventions.


Why We Serve

Bordering on the scope of social interventions, Mawulolo Youth Network shares a common vision with those social groups who reach out for the social good of others; more, the group realizes the deep-end case for up rise in social vice, emerging from neglect of these individuals to fend for themselves.

What We Do

The NGO networks with various corporate organizations and institutions, and concerned individuals in society to help create solutions in the lives of individuals in society, who cannot afford the means of survival.

Fortunately, these vulnerable ones can escape a bleak future; Mawulolo Youth Network stands in the gap to broaden the doors of opportunities through extending needed help in education, food supply and other useful means to curb poverty and reduce ‘streetism’.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for flexible, caring volunteers who have the drive to not only help but to familiarize themselves with the local culture and characters.

The Challenge

Addressing the needs of the youth and underprivileged is an on-going battle, not only in Ghana, but the rest of the world. Neglect has rendered several homeless, and many more have been left with very slim chances of ever reaching their full potential in life.

For most people, their formative years have been stolen- poverty and neglect gradually wears away the moral fabric of society.

Unfortunately, these ones will not bear the consequences alone; everyone, at one point in time comes to the stark reality of ignoring the issue of poverty and neglect. Few people show distress.

Mawulolo Youth Network creatively puts together solutions and in the process of reaching out, also extends an invitation to anyone who would care.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Romeo Attiso
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Social Impact

The organization is dedicated to its mission and achieves this by providing a number of programs for the children in its care, including education , health, feeding, sports, and performing and fine arts.

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