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Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Mediterranean Monk Seal

MOm / The Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk seal is a Greek non–governmental environmental organization with the legal status of a non–profit association. MOm is active in the protection and promotion of the coastal and marine environment of Greece, through the protection of the Mediterranean monk seal, which is the only seal species in the Mediterranean Sea and the most endangered seal on earth.
The financial resources of MOm originate from the memberships of our supporters, donations from private entities, selected partnerships with national, European and international bodies, and from nationally and European-funded programs. MOm is subject to regular financial auditing by Certified Public Accountants – Auditors.
MOm’s scientific research, conservation and education activities are carried out by a dedicated and highly-specialized team of professionals (i.e. biologists, field technicians, media officers) with the help of numerous volunteers. MOm’s activities include:
• Scientific Research 
• Rescue and Rehabilitation 
• Protection and Management 
• Public Awareness and Sensitization 
• Environmental Education
According to the regulations of the International Convention on the Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) MOm is an accredited research institute (Prot. No.: 89670/1427/12‐3‐2007 / Code Nr.: GR 003). All research and rehabilitation and reintroduction efforts of the Organization are carried out with the necessary permits from the national and international competent authorities.

Since 1996, MOm has been a member of IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), the largest organization in the world for the protection of the natural environment.

General principles and stance
MOm’s function is strictly based on open and democratic procedures, defined in detail in the organization's mandate, MOm's legal statute. These resulting internal procedures ensure the effective operation and the sound economic and financial management of the organization. The foremost formal instruments providing for the administration and the internal control of the organization are the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee, which are both elected on an annual basis by the General Assembly of the Society, through an open and transparent to all Members process. Additionally to the latter, MOm is actively supporting and promoting wider initiatives on the transparency and open operation of NGOs. MOm has been committed and signed the Non-Governmental Organisations Accountability Charter, an initiative undertaken by the Citizens’ Movement for an Open Society. For over 25 years the organization has been involved in the realisation of an environmentally sustainable future through the help of the civil society the co-operation with local stakeholders and the joint initiatives with public institutions, always based on open dialogue processes. MOm is fully independent from other bodies or institutions (especially governmental, political, business, etc.). In order to achieve its objectives, MOm utilises public as well as institutional funding and resources. However MOm chooses funds that are obtainable only through transparent and open procedures, with the sole goal of financing specific actions related to scientific research, conservation, treatment and rehabilitation of Mediterranean monk seals.
In order to achieve its goals and objectives MOm pursues the following priorities: 

  • implementing effective protection and sustainable conservation measures for the coastal and marine natural environment taking into account the sustainability and welfare of the local communities;
  • promoting the protection of fish - stocks, of sustainable fisheries, of abandoning destructive fishing practices, and pausing /marginalising illegal and clandestine fishing; halting the rates of biodiversity loss and wild life species extinction; 
  • pursuing an ecologically sustainable economy, through the conservation of energy, water and natural resources, thus improving of people's livelihoods; 
  • actively encouraging environmental awareness to activate and sensitize citizens;
  • advancing volunteerism as a significant contribution to society and the natural environment;
  • promoting environmental education for children and the younger generation on the natural
  • environment, its value as a common good and the need to protect it from degradation and destruction;
  • campaigning for limiting climate change and its impacts;
  • protecting the natural environmental wealth of Greece as one of the nation's most important capitals, for the present and future generations.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Dimitri Tsiakalos
Dimitri Tsiakalos
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Social Impact

Public awareness and sensitization efforts are among MOm’s key priorities – we constantly strive to educate people about the need to protect the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal and the entire coastal and marine environment of Greece. MOm’s education programs are designed for the general public, as well as specific stakeholders and interest groups including government officials, members of professional and recreational associations, scientific colleagues etc. MOm uses a variety of outreach tools, such as press releases, articles in scientific journals, interviews, radio and TV ads, postings on the internet and on social media sites, presentations at conferences etc.

Since 1990, MOm has been operating Information Centers in areas that are important for the Mediterranean monk seal in Greece within the framework of its Summer Awareness and Sensitization Campaigns. More than 500,000 people have visited these Information Centers on the islands of Alonissos, Skopelos, Skiathos, Kimolos, Milos, Karpathos, Syros, Fournous and Keratea in the Prefecture of Attica, and have been informed on the critically endangered status of the Mediterranean monk seal and the actions of MOm to protect it. Our outreach and awareness activities are always carried out with the help of MOm’s dedicated team of volunteers, which is comprised of more than 1,000 individuals who have participated so far in our summer campaigns!
MOm’s Rescue Team frequently conducts training seminars to teach people how to respond in emergency cases when seals are in distress or are found dead. The participants are trained on the established reporting protocols in place to quickly notify the Rescue Team about emergency situations, which can help facilitate rescue efforts to save an animal in distress. In addition, MOm’s Rescue Team has prepared a special instruction manual titled “Rescuing a monk seal. Now I can help as well!”, which provides step-by-step guidelines on what to do when a sick or injured monk seal is found until MOm’s Rescue Team arrives.
Through e-newsletters, information leaflets, manuals, posters and social media tools (facebook and youtube), the public can be informed directly for the Mediterranean monk seal in Greece, the marine environment as well as MOm’s actions.

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