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Join one of our amazing life affirming travel experiences in Guatemala or Cuba

Who we are?

We are a small organisation who have worked together for 20 years delivering fun and life affirming travel experiences in a variety of countries. Our experienced leadership team, led by Gabriel in Guatemala and Tim in the office, together with our local team love what we do - and our clients do too!

What we do?

Adventure travel, cultural immersion, gap year/life affirming travel to exciting Spanish speaking destinations. Outdoor adventure and cultural immersion - including volunteering and the legacy our clients leave - are what motivate us.

Where we work?

We currently have operations in Guatemala (Antigua & Monterrico since 2017) and Cuba (Habana, Viñales & Trinidad since 2014 - see Corazon Cuba). Guatemala is a large and complex country but the areas we operate in are generally very safe. We arrange private airport transfers from Guatemala to Antigua and safe shuttle transfers to Monterrico and beyond. Our Program Managers provide support 24/7.

Our mission/vision

Our job is to invigorate, excite and connect our clients to the amazing world we live in - and help set your inner compass for life!

Our goals

In Guatemala our goal is to provide a meaningful interaction with local people, the nature and amazing geography of this beautiful country. To help make a connection - through volunteering and other sustainable interactions that leave a positive local legacy.

Who are we looking for?

Our programs are for over 18's but families or supervised younger persons - including groups - are most welcome (no upper age limit!). There are no fitness or other entry requirements. Our only criteria is an open mind and spirit of adventure! Our clients are a diverse mix of ages and nationalities which is great.

Why choose us?

We offer amazing value and 24/7 program support to help maximise your time in Guatemala. We love what we do - and our clients do too!
The main focus of the project is on
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Tim Poullain-Patterson
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Social Impact

Make a connection - through volunteering and other sustainable interactions - and leave a positive local legacy.

Volunteering is a two way street. On face value it is about putting something back. But very quickly you will find that the experience of interacting with the natural world and local peoples is incredibly rewarding. Some situations can be difficult - confronted by a classroom of kids who are looking to you for fun and guidance, or patrolling a beach in near total darkness in the middle of the night - not everyone's idea of a 'holiday'. 

Our Program Managers have identified meaningful projects that not only benefit the local communities but which we know you will enjoy and take a lot of value from. Our projects are currently focused on; sea turtle & wildlife conservation, mangrove/native reforestation, beach conservation & coastal cleanup and school premises upgrades. A lot of our work is focused in and around local junior schools enlisting school kids in our projects... many hands make light work... and help create a future generation who understand and will care for the planet better than ours has!

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