Football Coach for Young Team
Mrumate Disabled Centre

Mrumate Disabled Centre

Football Coach for Young Team Arusha, Tanzania Mrumate Disabled Centre
Our academy current runs football soccer team in Olasiti, Arusha. At the moment we have 20 talented young players that play every day and are waiting for you!

Project Details

Mrumate Disabled Centre is non-government organization founded in 2010 in Arusha, Tanzania and operate till now

About our organisation

Mrumate Disable Centre is non-government organization founded in 2010  in Arusha, Tanzania by Mr. Felix Chuwa and it operation was issued by the government of Tanzania. The organization started with 3 children but now it has more than 60 children. At the beginning the volunteers was mainly the people from the community around organization and it has team of 11 people.

The goal of this NGO is to help and support disabled people, children of primary schools and young football players in Olasiti Community is to provide them with happiness, companionship, healthy growth, gaining poverty and rising out of poverty.

Train and educate the children so they can better face the future, learn new things like good manners, good food and the importance of a healthy life accompanied by sport, with this we keep them busy instead of being on the street learning bad habits. We motivate them to dream and think big, that the children have a dream that they want to achieve and that they strive to achieve it. Most important, we give them moments of happiness that they will never forget

What we do: 

Mrumate organization deals with the following people:

i) Help children who are not able to get education because of poverty
ii) Help kids and youth who are talented in football but they do not get opportunity to show their talent
iii) Assist people with disabilities who are perceived by their community who do not receive help from the government

Our mission/vision is:

  •  to have our own school since till now we rented one place. 
  • To have our own Centre in the community because our disable people cannot traveto others that are far from their homes.
  • To have increase the number of football equipment since the organization has lack of equipment.

Our goal ares: 

  • to reduce the number of children who cannot go to school because of poverty.
  • To help disabled people to improve their standard of life also to eradicate poor perception in society about disabled people that they can do many things.
  • To expose their talent so can go far, to keep them away from drug abuse also to keep their physical fitness

Who are we looking for: Doctors and nurses, teachers, football expertise and anyone that get the motivation to help

 Why choose us: we have Maasai Hostel to accommodate the volunteer where by the hostel is near the school about 2 minutes and football ground about 5 minutes it is also near public transport (dala dala) 40metres from hostel. This will make easy for volunteer to perform their task and responsibilities at minimal cost. 

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Swahiba Ramadhan
Swahiba Ramadhan
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Since we started the organization we manage to put society close to the organization and support it since what we do is for them, the organization marked the spark to put society join the activities done by organization. The organization cooperates with society in various activities, for example, people in the society help the organization to increase enrollment of student by educating themselves the importance of education to the kids, also insist to kids and youth to participate in extraprogrammes activities such as sports, to have a healthy life, education of good manners and education to prevent drug addiction. 

So through our organization we bring about positive impact to kids from 4 up to 18 years old of our community. Society appreciates what organization does and vise versa. For example, the organization increases the enrolment from three to thirty students, it gave the team football equipment such as balls, nets, jerseys and cone also 18 wheelchairs to the disable people. By doing this, it act like glue that bind us together with society

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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