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Mundo de Niños is a non-profit organisation located in Trujillo-Peru aiming at improving the conditions in which many children from the Trujillo region live.

Mundo de Niños is a non-profit organisation located in Trujillo-Peru. We started our work in 2001 and acquired a significant and successful experience in the field over the years. We aim at improving the conditions in which many children from the Trujillo region live: dysfunctional home, alcohol addiction, physical, sexual and psychological violence, prostitution, promiscuity, delinquency and abandon. In order to improve their living conditions, we offer them a home and teach them values, help them develop their abilities, motivate and accompany them throughout their school life. 

It is very important for us that the children (only boys, from 7 to 17 approx.) living at our Home feel at home, are well taken care of and grow up in a happy, comfortable and safe environment. We think that education as well as professional skills are very important, as well as physical development through sport and other outdoor activities.

We are looking for volunteers all year long who can help the tutors in their work at the Home (organisation of activities and projects with and for the children are more than welcome!) and/or the team working in our new social bakery.

The Home of Mundo de Niños is located in Huanchaquito, a part of the small seaside town Huanchaco, located next to Trujillo, the third most populated city in Peru. Peru is a big country with seaside, mountains and rain forest, which makes it a great touristic destination. As many countries in South America, it is not as safe as Europe, for example. However, if you are careful, take care of your belongings and ask about unsafe areas before visiting, you should have a beautiful trip! Check the website of your Minister of Foreign Affairs and other recognised websites to see which vaccines you need and other health requirements that might be relevant for your country.

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Mundo de Niños
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Mundo de Niños gave shelter to 122 children and teenagers, from which many were successfully reinserted into society thanks to the personalised therapeutic program, education, affection and values provided in the Home, which now allow them to face their future with better opportunities. 20 children and teenagers are currently being taken care of within the Home. 

Mundo de Niños is also active in the poor communities of the region, organising clothes donations and activities for the children.

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