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We run a farm in Norway that has set a goal to be the worlds best farm in animal welfare, environment and social media! We need help around the farm to all sorts of talks

OBS! We are full for a long period now, we can only host 3 people at the same time. Thank you soo much for all your interesst. Because we are very busy its prefared with people that can come here without us having to do paperwork for visa, from a country that already have good travel-pass with Norway. Sorry about that, its only for less administration, since running the farm takes a lot :)

Nedre Skinnes Gård is a medium size farm in Norway, 1,5 hours drive from our capitol Oslo. We can track our roots back to 1301 with the first leather letter, but it's found remains here from the stoneage, so safe to say it's been around for a long time. Current owners of the farm is Live (36) and Kristoffer (37) , who took over the farm from Lives parents in 2012. 

We have set ourself a big hair goal to be " the best farm in the world, in the areas of animal velfare, environmental things and social media! :)

We would like you to join in to our farmlife and help out with various different talks from taking care of or 80 sheep, 100 pigs, 2 horses and 3 cats. They all have a free-range life and we even have a "Pig Beach " for our pigs to roam. We run our farm regenerative and are considered pioneres in this in Norway.

You will work beside us, and we will tend to the fields, the animals and maintenance on the farm. It's a advantage if you have worked physically before and carpentry is always welcome. We will try our best to make your stay as good as possible, and are looking for friendly, heart warm and motivated people that wants to stay for a longer period of time. We need most help from end april to mid december. Please check us our in our social media and google us if you want to see some of the tings we do :) 

You get to stay in a apartment at the farm, and have your own household. Days usually start at 0830 and end at 1630, with lunsj in between. We find out how to handle the projects at hand and solve things together. 

It's nice hikes and possibility to use boat for fishing or kayaking on the lake while you are here.  The farm is located on a half island so its surrounded by water. 

Being volunteer with us gives you a chance to be part of a ecosystem balancing farm, thats taking the completely different way than most industrial farms are. With the climate change and the disrespect for animals as the beings they are, this farm tries to make things different. We can't do it alone as it's a lot of work, and would really need your help to get done whats needed to be done. 

All our animals are free-range, outdoors and soyafree feed, and we even have made a home slauthery in able to give our animals the maximum stress free life all the way to the end. This is more expensive, more work but sooo much more regarding to see the animals so happy. 
We want to show that it's possible, so that other may follow the same path. We also have a nature - retureat space we rent out, with a tretophut, lavvo/ teepee and sauna on a big beach. 

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We try to make our farm as "the best way to farm". We want to give our animals the best life possible. We want to make our plants and grains filled with the most nutrition, and we want to make eco systems in balance. We need your help to do it :)

By doing in the way we do, we show others that its possible to choose the road less traveld and to put animal velfare and eco balance over profit alone. 

We have won many national prizes for our pioneer work with this and have a lot of studytrips to our farm of people who wants to come and learn. 

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