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NG Peru is a nonprofit dedicated to creating equal opportunities, connecting volunteers, & providing free English education to 1,100+ kids in Peru.

Founded in 2005, Espaanglisch Peru (NG Peru) is a non-profit organization dedicated to English language education in public elementary schools in Peru. We work to develop students’ abilities to communicate and to prepare them to interact with the conditions of a global world. On average, we serve 1100+ kids and 150 adults in the community each year. To accomplish this, we recruit local and international volunteers. Through the inclusion of international and local volunteers we strive to be a community of people dedicated to creating equal opportunities and developing quality of life for the children in Peru.


Our first program was launched in 2005 when we realized that adults in Peru who already spoke some English did not have much of a chance to practice their language skills. We launched the Gringlish Program to provide these adults with an environment in which they could practice their English and receive feedback then and there from native speakers. We first began working with children in 2007 in Las Lomas, Huanchaco in the form of English classes outside of regular school hours. In that same year, we began to work in three schools with our English School Program.

In 2016, we launched our Summer School Program in two schools. We also incorporated two more schools into our English School Program and went from serving 400 to more than 1,100 students.

We made the decision to take our projects to other cities in Peru in 2017. Besides Trujillo, NG Peru now has a presence in Lima and Cusco. We also reopened our scholarship program for high school students, which provides them the opportunity to practice their English further outside of school.


Our administrative team consists of five members, two from Peru and three from the United States: David H. Mercedes (Founder), Mario Mercedes (Director), Kameena Anderson (Consultant), Sierra Vorsheim (Recruitment Coordinator), and Jesse Robinson (Consultant).

Where We Work

We work in 3 locations in Peru: Trujillo, Cusco, and Lima. Peru is a safe country to travel to and visit. The people in the communities that we serve are very aware of our organization and the work that we do and are often very grateful for the services that we provide. In regards to health requirements, you should be fine in all three of our locations so long as you are up to date on standard vaccinations. To be sure that you have all necessary vaccinations, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a medical professional prior to traveling to Peru.


Our mission is to provide students in public elementary schools with language lessons. We promote equal opportunities between men and women and equality in public schools in underprivileged areas. We promote cultural exchange through the process of learning between international volunteers and students. We guarantee that all children, regardless of their socioeconomic and cultural condition will have an opportunity to learn in a fun and interactive environment.


We have a vision of reducing the education inequality gaps and increasing opportunities for underprivileged children through the teaching of languages.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for volunteers who have a passion for teaching, a knack for creativity in the classroom, enjoy working on a team, and who love to travel and are open to experiencing new cultures. International volunteers will team up with our local volunteers.

Why Choose Us?

As an organization, we offer volunteers  the opportunity to have an experience that is exciting, challenging, rewarding, and, potentially, life-changing. We have 10+ years of experience providing services to our local community and working with international and local volunteers. Our years of experience have allowed us to refine and develop our teaching methodology which volunteers utilize and are encouraged to add their own creative twist to while working through our program. Further, we offer an experience that goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom through our Social Interaction Program, in which volunteers have the chance to socialize with local Peruvians and volunteers from other organizations and experience the incredible country that is Peru through numerous, fun activities.

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Sierra Vorsheim
Sierra Vorsheim
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Social Impact

In Peru, learning a new language is an economic privilege that few people have access to. Our organization provides free English classes to 1,100+ kids and 150+ adults who would, otherwise, be unable to afford them. By learning a new language, our students have the opportunity to have a mind-opening experience; learning how to think in a different language and, most importantly, learning about different cultures.

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