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Project Details

Pelagios Kakunjá is a non-profit organization created in 2010 with the goal to study and protect sharks and mantas in Mexico.

Who we are?

Pelagios Kakunjá is a non-Profit organization established in 2010 by Mexican scientists Dr. Mauricio Hoyos and Dr. James Ketchum. Our main goal is to study and protect sharks and Rays in Mexican waters, many of which are globally threatened or endangered. 

What we do?

We are the premier research institute in Mexico working with shark and ray conservation.  We provide technical information for the regional management and implementation of conservation strategies for these species here in Mexico and bring that knowledge to the community so they can understand the value of our oceans and its marine life.

Where we work?

We are based in La Paz the capital of the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. This part of the world is one of only a handful of localities globally where a research team can monitor multiple species of sharks and rays under one roof. This biodiversity offers an outstanding global hot spot for volunteers to gain valuable marine experience. The famous Jacque Cousteau described this region as the the aquarium of the world and he was not wrong.

Our Mission?

We seek to understand the ecology and behavior of marine predators, to generate a baseline of information for the management and conservation of sharks and other pelagic fauna in the Gulf of California and the Mexican Pacific.

Our vision?

We imagine a future with a sustainable sea where conservation based in science is a fundamental piece 

Our goal?

Our goal is to provide a safe and professional platform for both volunteers and student to learn and interact with sharks. Through hand on training we provide the best possible learning experience for visiting volunteers, allowing them to grow and understand what it takes to be a shark researcher 

Who are we looking for?

We are searching for driven, upbeat and hard working individuals who are concerned about conservation issues, interested in scientific research and eager to join our dynamic team 

Why choose us?

We are a registered non-profit who has a proven track record with shark conservation. We have been influential in the development of national reserves in our region as well as supported the education of nearly 50 students into the world of marine biology. As a small organization we have our feet firmly planted on the floor and work closely with the local community to help provide support programs for all and the sustainable of marine resources for generations to come 

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Dr. Darren Andrew Whitehead
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Since the initial establishment of Pelagios kakunja it is been actively involved with the social education of school and university groups as well as in public forums to raise national awareness of the issues sharks and face in our worlds oceans. 

In addition to its educational outreach work Pelagios Kakunja has been influential in supporting the local community in the development of a community based management program of a national park park in our region and the expansion of many other marine protected areas in the Gulf of California. Pelagios Kakunja has also financed and supported independent research of more then 50 university students from Mexico and around the world given back to the future generations of young researchers. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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