English Class Teacher English Class Teacher Trujillo, Peru Peru Vivential
Help teaching English to local children and get involved in the peruan culture.
Helper in Dog Shelter Trujillo, Peru Peru Vivential
This volunteer program is suitable for those who love dogs! You don't need experience. Main activities include grooming, walking them on the beach and playing with them.

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Project Details

We are a non-profit organization with a vision to improve the education & improve the quality of life of animals.

We here at Peru Vivential are a non-profit organization based in Peru providing free English education to disadvantaged children and adults in the local community, also we support dogshelter where 40 dogs are taken from the streets live and need support and with the help of our volunteers We hope to create more projects. We are located in the thriving city of Trujillo, Peru.

We are collaborating with volunteers to improve the quality of life of some of the poorest people through education. Recognizing that many members of our community are born into this type of poverty and have very few job opportunities, we decided to broaden the horizons of our community by founding Peru Vivential. 

Our Vision

Peru Vivential vision is to reduce the education inequality gaps, and to increase opportunities for underprivileged children through the teaching of languages with the primary focus in English; also we are happy to contribute to rescue, to help and to improve the life’s quality of life of animals.

With the help of our volunteers, we are able to offer children and adults alike this useful skill for free.

Our Goal 

Peru Vivential wants to provide language training for students in the public elementary schools language training. We promote equal opportunities between men and women, and equality in public schools in underprivileged áreas, in the same way we have the goal to help our friends the dogs, providing them with a new chance to have a better environment where they can live until they are adopted.

Who are we looking for?

Anybody is welcome to participate in our programs, previous experience and qualifications are not required. What is most important to us is that you bring a positive attitude and the desire to help others. The people who work in our programs are passionate, patient, and enthusiastic about the work they do, love children and animals.

Why Peru Vivential?

All of our volunteers have the opportunity to live a rewarding, exciting and fun experience in our program. Daily life here is orientated to combine the volunteer experience (depending on which project each volunteer has chosen) with entertaining activities, prepared by the organization for the volunteers' free time.

Volunteering with us will provide you a great and wonderful experience in your life, you will never forget the children from the school as well as the dogs from the shelter, this experience will give you a perspective of our world helping you along your life and provide an understanding as to why it is important to help and to collaborate in order to make the world better.

We are a group of volunteers hoping to help make a difference here in Trujillo. Come join our family and bring hope to the people of Trujillo! Thank you for your interest in our organization. We hope to hear from you soon!"

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
William Jondec
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Schools in Peru have no provision for the teaching of English, but we believe that learning English gives each of the children more opportunities than they would otherwise have, whether they wish to go and study abroad one day, or whether they one day want to have a career outside of their normal parameters.

We improve the lives of animals by maintaining a dog shelter.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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