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‘Pure Passion Foundation’ works in conjunction with Ghana Health Service and Ghana Education Service to promote health and quality education in Ghana.


‘‘Pure Passion Foundation’ is a non for profit Ghanaian based organization. By the registrar’s general and social welfare departments of Ghana respectively. ‘Pure Passion Foundation’ works in conjunction with Ghana Health Service and Ghana Education Service to promote health and quality education in Ghana.

The organization shares the vision, ‘to create a sustainable platform that cares for all human needs’ through the mission, ‘inspire hope in the individual and communities through clinical practice, education, and entrepreneurship, environmental study and research’.

In respect to this, ‘Pure Passion Foundation’ gives uncountable opportunities  to everyone especially students to add value to themselves by making huge impact in the lives of Ghanaian people by participating in any of our carefully designed programs. All programs are organized by volunteers and local staff.


The organization shares the vision, ‘to create a sustainable platform that cares for all human needs’ through the mission, ‘inspire hope in the individual and communities through clinical practice, education, and entrepreneurship, environmental study and research’


Flexibility.  Our sites are open year-round! Rather than only opening volunteer programs during specific weeks, you craft your experience around your dates of availability and choose your site placement.

Programs that fit your interests. Since our team is involved in every aspect of operations, we know how to ensure that your skills and interests are being put to use to make a difference.

Long-term impact. You work alongside staff on sustainable projects where your contributions will last well after you board your plane home.

Community matters. All of our programs are based on community needs so you can be confident you are participating in a responsible volunteer program.

Compassion is a universal language. There are no language requirements to volunteer at any of our sites.

Perspective for your professional career.  Many of our volunteers go on to pursue professional degrees and find that their volunteer experience is talking point during admission interviews and classroom discussions.

Empty your preconceptions, not your wallet. We are proud to offer program costs that sustain our project sites while remaining at or below similar organizations’ costs.

To volunteer with Pure Passion Foundation in Ghana, you have the opportunity to work on several development and carefully designed live changing projects. Our projects offer volunteers the opportunity to add professional touch to themselves by making huge societal impact in the lives of Ghanaian people.

The program offers you the opportunity to see any tourist site in Ghana you wish to see.


Ghana is a politically and economically stable country. Visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year the Ghanaian people are very welcoming to tourists. Like with every country there are risks and Pure Passion Foundation has gone through all these risks to do as much as possible to prevent anything from happening to our volunteers. Since we ran our first trip in 2015 we have had no safety issues and have successfully dealt with any volunteers that have become ill

Ghana is a fantastic places with so many tourist places to visit. The country is popular for its nice beaches, national parks, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, forts and castles, museums, ponds, diverse wildlife, markets, rain forest walk, and lots of cultural attractions.  There’s certainly nothing boring about Ghana and to help you experience as much as possible, we provide excursion to all our volunteers who wish to see all the wonders Ghana as a country has to offer

Our staff are first aid trained by the Red Cross and regularly undergo training to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. First aid kits are found in all our accommodation and vehicles. Most of our staff have been with us for several years and are experienced in keeping volunteers healthy and managing a situation where a volunteer becomes ill. All staff are briefed on how to keep volunteers safe from the moment they arrive to when they depart and staff do there utmost to ensure we deliver on this.

The main focus of the project is on
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Social Impact

Our projects are carefully designed to ensure that the work we do has a great positive impact on the society. Is not only the society we planned to impact but also the participating volunteer is positively impacted in so many ways. We work with local stakeholders such us health institutions, schools, care homes, local communities etc. This gives volunteers upper hand to easily get involved and start delivering.

We have running and developing huge societal projects for clinics, remotes communities, physically challenged homes, rural schools etc. as a charity, the surplus we make after administration, marketing, and providing for volunteers, we use to fund our charitable objectives such as donation of hospital equipment to rural clinics, purchase of books and computers for school libraries and ICT centres, donation of food stuff, clothes, shoes etc. to the physically challenged homes. 


The true impact of the ‘One Ghana Health Campaign’ is the value we add to the Ghana health system. Volunteers support medical staffs with different ideas, clinics receive boost and improvement in their health facilities and equipment. The most benefactors of the program, ‘the local people’ receive medical education, free health screening and vaccination, medical advice and assistance and enjoyed from the facilities and equipment delivered.

The volunteers are also not left out, value is added to their profession by exposing them to the best of tropical medicine


The true impact of the program is how it affects the children we reach out to. These children are able to discover their strength and true potentials which help them to make informed decisions.

New libraries are built and old ones are renovated for the benefit of the school children and the community in general.

New ICT centers are built and old ones are furnish with computers to facilitate teaching and learning.

Volunteers also get the chance to sharpen their leadership skills by mentoring and teaching the school children


Introduce local farmers to the use of simple modern farm techniques to yield production.

Link factories to local communities to take farm produce directly from farmers to avoid post-harvest loses.

Develop interest in agriculture by the Ghanaian youth to avoid rural urban migration.

Reduce poverty in Ghana by making more people enter the agricultural sector and since post-harvest loses are avoided, farmers will get more money from their production and this raises their standard of living


Reduce number of physically challenged people on the street.

Provide meaningful live and good future to disabled people in our society.

Promote union among disabled and other family members and the community in general


Pure Passion Foundation started full operations in July 2015. This is our achievements so far

Huge donation of hospitals equipment and machines to three (3) government and district hospitals.

Visitation and donation of items to two orphanage houses.

Huge donation of medical equipment and machines to two community clinics.

Over 1500 people form Orphanages and care homes given free screening and Hepatitis B vaccination

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