Sea Turtle and Environmental Conservation Sea Turtle and Environmental Conservation Puntarenas, Costa Rica RASCAREY Conservation Project
Sea Turtle & Environmental conservation project. The campsite is on an oceanfront jungle farm that allows an immersive experience close to pristine nature.

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We are a Sea Turtle and Environmental Conservation Project located in an extremely biodiverse remote area of the Osa Peninsula. Our mission is to connect you to Nature.

Who are we?

We are a passionate group made up of locals and international people. Combined, we have a lifetime of experience and knowledge about Nature. Whether it be young or old, growing up in the region, or having studied in an academic setting, we all have one thing in common - passionately living and working to sustain a close relationship to the Earth in order to protect it.

Brisa and Esteban are the Founders - a Tico-Canadian couple, passionate about animals and the environment. Brisa is an Artist, Art-Eco Therapist, and Educator. Esteban is an Artist as well, often drawing on his Indigenous roots to preserve the tradition of handmade arts and crafts. He has been living with the sea turtles all his life. In 2020 they developed Rascarey, a non-profit organization for the conservation of sea turtles and the environment. Their intention in the project is to (re)connect people  to Nature. They  created Rascarey with a mission in mind (and heart!) - to have a space in the lush Costa Rican Jungle where like-minded individuals can come to help the sea turtles and environmental causes. As well as to exchange cultural perspectives and so that all can learn, heal, and grow within the experience.
The main focus of the project is on
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Esteban Valdez Perez
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Our mission is to protect life.
It is no surprise by now, that many animals and plants of the sea and land are rapidly diminishing, others have been wiped out completely - due to manmade destruction and climate change. We seek to connect the local community and individuals who feel driven to help us in this cause towards protecting and sustaining the biodiversity that is here in this magical place on Earth.  

We are interested in helping our Planet, and the more vulnerable life-forms here with us (the animals and forests). We are very passionate about wildlife, Earth, and Art. We are looking for local and international volunteers who are open-minded, hard-working, passionate about nature, mindful, respectful, peaceful, creative and of course wishing to make a difference to benefit our Planet and yourselves. Our campsite is located on a beachfront/jungle farmhouse outside of Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula. We are located just a 30 second walk from the Pacific Ocean and nestled in the lush jungle only minutes from Corcovado National Park. 
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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