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We are a completely hands-off elephant sanctuary that cares for old elephants. We aim to be an example of the ethical change in the elephant tourism industry.

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We are an education center and hands-off elephant sanctuary for old elephants.
We aim to be an example o fthe ethical change in the elephant trousim industry.

Somboon Legacy Foundation is a hands-off NGO, that takes care of old elephants.

Our organization was founded by Khun Kulsak Chotiyaputta Agnes Tammenga, Diana Harinck and Manouk Maas from the Netherlands on the 13th of March 2019, Thailand's National Elephant Day.​

Our purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate elephants from a life of stress and exploitation.

Currently, we are taking care of two beautiful females, Kammoon and Malee. When the covid-19 pandemic improves we hope to give more elephants a well deserved retirement.

We aim to work together with the local community as much as possible.

With our visitors we focus on observing the elephants in their natural environment and giving education in our interactive elephant museum for young & old.

From packages for young children to the elderly, we can provide what you need.

For those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, we have also created an elephant poo paper factory, where you can learn how to make paper from elephant poo.

Our goal is to spread the message of truly animal friendly tourism around the world.

Together we can create a better future for captive elephants.


  • Our elephants are not used for entertainment; we respect them and treat them with the care they deserve.
  • We stand up for the rights of our mahouts (elephant caretakers), they are our heroes.
  • We are dedicated to raise awareness so people don’t unknowingly participate in animal abuse.
We aim to inspire the world to treat all elephants ethically.

Education is the key to understand wildlife.

Elephants are tourist magnets, they’re on everybody’s bucket list when they visit Thailand.

Many people unknowingly contribute to animal abuse.

During many years of experience in the elephant tourism industry, our team saw the abuse elephants endure in places that call themselves ‘sanctuaries’, where they mislead unknowing tourists with words as ‘animal friendly’ and ‘sanctuary’.

Unfortunately the money often goes to the owner in stead of the elephants.

These wild animals suffer a lifetime for tourist entertainment.


This is why we started Somboon Legacy Foundation.

Join us in our passion and make a difference in the elephant tourism industry.

Our motto is: ‘It’s time to make a real change, we are going to make a difference’.

Elephants are wild animals, not pets!

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Manouk Maas
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Social Impact

We aim to be an example of the ethical change in in the animal tourism industry. 

Besides rescuing elephants from a life full of stress, we raise awareness on the situation of both captive and wild elephants around the world. 
By educating our visitors on the situation of captive (and wild) elephants, they can spread the word and we can make a huge difference. Hopefully we are part of the change to create more ethical venues. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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