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Soqtapata is a nature conservation concession, granted in an area economically ruled by mining, wood and oil production, located just 4 hours East from Cusco.

“SOQTAPATA” is a concession for conservation purposes, 4 hours by car from Cusco. A rich and biodiverse region in the Tropical Andes with more than 9,600 hectares of natural beauty. 

Our mission is to help preserve a part of our planet through initiatives that impact communities in or near the protected area preventing or minimizing their involvement in informal and environmentally harmful activities such as illegal mining and illegal logging. 

Our project provides all our visitors and collaborators the opportunity to bond with nature through an immersion into the wild.

SOQTAPATA is an opportunity to witness spectacular landscapes, soothing natural sounds and a variety of climates and scenario changes. Not one sunrise or sunset is the same. Every season is different and days can vary from intense rain to light rain, intense sunshine to cloudy days, breezy or still, noisy or calm, hot or cooler weather.

SOQTAPATA offers a wide range of biodiversity that allows for several activities such as Birdwatching (Andean Cock), the study of flora and fauna (orchids, bromeliads, heliconias, ferns) and animal tracking (Spectacled Bear, Monkeys, Pumas)

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Carlos Pilares
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Social Impact

SOQTAPATA is a natural reserve which aims to preserve more than 9,600 hectares of pure nature. The main impact is that all rainforest provides pure air to the world, pure water to the world. That's why is important the conservation of this area and all we do here.

Also, the program has some impact on the local communities that surround us. The main problem in the area is the illegal mining, the not well-controlled agriculture activities and the low opportunities the people have. We aim to show them and give them other ways to live, to work and to think. In this way, we've accomplished great things such the creation of another private conservation area that our neighbors own now, but there is much more to do, with the people, the school, local government and the kids.

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