Fundraiser & Communicator Fundraiser & Communicator Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Organization of future fundraising campaigns and promotional events.
Childhood educator Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Develop educational activities for children and teenagers.
Graphic Designer & Branding Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Produce promotional and educational material. Design social media and support fundraising campaigns.
Artist Teacher Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Organize workshops and educational activities for children and teenagers. Decorate the communal local.
Sport Teacher Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Help Superlearners learn discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and self-confidence through our structured football program.
Project Designer Assistant Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Assist in project design for grant application.
Web Marketing Manager Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Develop a marketing and communication plan for Superlearner and Tejemamá project, manage Google Ads and promote our organization and services
Psychologist Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Provide psychological assistance for community members and develop educational activities for children and teenagers.
Photographer & Videomaker Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Produce photos and videos for promotional material, fundraisers, and social media.
Nutritionist Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Provide support for general nutrition and specific meal programs. Develop food education workshops.
Human Resources Psychologist Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Select new volunteers, manage the platforms for recruitment, search for alliances with other organizations, manage our databases and the paperwork related to volunteers
English teacher in Pamplona Alta Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Assist with language teaching (English).
Social Media Manager Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Manage social media (website, Facebook, and Instagram) and develop new social pages.
Music Teacher Assistant Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Organize music classes and performance events.
Dance Teacher Lima, Peru Superlearner Project Lima OdV
Organization of workshops, events and educational activities for children and teenagers.

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Project Details

Through formal and non-formal education, Superlearner aims to empower kids from impoverished backgrounds to reach their full potential

The Superlearner Lima Project Odv is a community-oriented project that aims to empower kids to achieve their dreams through formal and non-formal education. We compliment the current educational system by offering language lessons, brain training, physical and other creative activities. During a day with Superlearner, we might paint portraits, practise skateboarding, or create a personal book in English - only the sky is the limit! Ultimately, building self-confidence and self-worth, while stimulating their own potential.

Our Mission
Our hope is to make the children understand their own potential and show them that another reality is possible. Every child should have the opportunity to grow into whatever they want to be. Our goal is to show them that it is possible.

Our Belief
These core values are the foundation of the Superlearner empowerment project and our work with the children:
  • Happy environment 
    We aim to create a happy environment where children can express themselves, discover their interests and intelligence, and develop their skills. We aim to support both the children's educational skills as well as life skills; all of which they can benefit from when encountering hardship now and in the future. While learning and having fun, we wish to show the children that they are bright, capable, and worthy; three important things to be told when everything around you seems to indicate the opposite.
  • One big Superlearner team
    We believe in working together with the children and their families to achieve their dreams. There are many programs
     that say they are here to help those in need. However, we believe that this mentality undermines the self-worth that we try to instill. Thus, we never say help. Instead, we preach collaborationThe volunteers, our partners, the local families; we are all a part of a team. We encourage each other to share our thoughts and ideas - and to listen and acknowledge. It is important to Superlearner to show each child that his or her voice counts. 
  • Embrace the reality
    In Superlearner, we believe that empowerment and education must appeal to all aspects of life; language lessons and other activities cannot empower children alone. Therefore, our team consists of teachers, psychologists,
     and nutritionists among others and we cooperate with organizations that can provide us the necessary resources for any type of situation. Hereby, we can approach both physical and mental health issues too.
In this way, Superlearner works towards its goal of making a long-term, tangible difference in the local communities.

Join us!
If you are looking to make a real difference in the lives of others and would like to be a part of building something great, come along and volunteer with us! We need help in several ways; teaching, marketing, organizing, fundraising, and much more! 
Passion and enthusiasm are what Superlearner is about! Our volunteers come from many different countries, are skilled in a variety of fields, and contribute in their own unique way. Don't hesitate to contact us and we will create a position that suits your skills and desires.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Caterina Suzzi
Caterina Suzzi
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Superlearner is a new and developing organization, and since we started the project in 2017, founded in 2018, we have come a long way! Superlearner is now recognized as an NGO in Italy. We cooperate with a number of organizations in Lima and 12 permanent volunteers are working with Superlearner both onsite and online.

Currently, Superlearner operates in four of the poorest areas in Lima, Peru. In three locations, we work as a compliment to existing organizations. In the fourth location, it is solely us operating and this is where the project started. We are working with 53 children, 50 teenagers, and 10 mothers in total, and in each location we offer activities once a week. The children are responding very well to the project. They join voluntarily and continue to show up, and they are excited and eager to learn.

The children and their families live in poverty stricken districts, and have limited or no economical, social, and cultural resources. This affects the basic living conditions such as access to fresh water, hygiene, and housing situation as well as health, safety, and mental well-being. The children are very vulnerable in these communities, and they often struggle with problematic family backgrounds.

In addition to this, the quality of education is very low and when growing up in these areas, it is to many difficult to rise above their circumstances.

Superlearner aims to empower the children through formal and non-formal education, and we offer Superlearner activities in each community. In cooperation with our partner organizations, we address issues such as no drinking water, unhealthy diet, and lack of safety too.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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