Small Business Mentor for Women Small Business Mentor for Women Jinja, Uganda Sustain Micro Enterprise
Work with the women running small businesses. You will be required support the women with business skills and tools.
Hygiene & Family Health Educator Jinja, Uganda Sustain Micro Enterprise
Work with women and families to provide practical hygiene and family health knowledge and information

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Project Details

Sustain Micro Enterprise empowers vulnerable women and families to fight poverty.

Who We are

Sustain Micro Enterprise is a non profit organization working with vulnerable women and families in Uganda. We empower women and families do this through microfinance , business skills training, mentorship and vocational skills support..


Building a world where every woman is empowered and free from vulnerability.


Transforming lives of vulnerable women and their families through skills and tools.

What we do

  1. Microfinance and empowerment: Microfinance empowers empowers poor women in under-served communities to access small loans and business skills.  Our microfinance model with the women is simple, friendly and sustainable. It consistently proves to increase household incomes, social capital and hope based on Group methodology, business training and mentorship.
  2. Mentorship: We walk a journey with the women and families through our mentorship. Focusing on business mentorship, we help women to improve their small businesses as we continuously provide support and advise.
  3. Hygiene and Family Health: We believe that access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is essential for the survival and development of the children, women and their families. Something as simple as hand washing can save lives of many children and women.

Where we work

Sustain ME reaches out to women and families in Uganda, located in the heart of Africa.

Uganda is a landlocked country, located in East-Africa. The land is mostly a plateau, with a rim of mountains and the tropical climate creating luxurious forests. Uganda is known to be the "Pearl of Africa" due to its Flora and Fauna, and numerous water sources. 

Uganda is a stable country with good security. It is a safe country to live with a number of tourist attractions. Uganda is blessed with numerous National parks, Rivers, Forests and a cool climate.

People in Uganda are welcoming and friendly. The country is blessed with over 30 tribes meaning that over 30 languages are spoken in Uganda, Our official language is English.

Uganda has a number of foods that are eaten which include Matooke (Banana), Posho, Beans, Cassava, Potatoes, Rice, Millet, Maize, Yams. However, the stable food is Matooke, Posho and Beans. 


Growing up in a community where women and children were more vulnerable and affected by poverty, Samuel Wanyagira was inspired to start Sustain ME  to empower the vulnerable women and children to live according to God's desire and break the cycle of poverty.

In 2010, Sustain ME was founded. Samuel started providing business skills and giving out collateral free loans using his personal savings to the women with a goal of empowering them to provide food for their children, education and medical care and improve on their household incomes.

With $133, Samuel was able to provide the first small loans to a group of 5 women with each receiving an average loan of $22.6 which they used to start up small businesses. With an amazing impact on the women and their families, Samuel was impressed and believed that business skills combined with small loans can be used as a sustainable tool to empower vulnerable women, children and their families out of poverty.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate volunteers who love to share their time and experience with the women and families.

We are looking for someone willing to cause a positive impact in the lives of women and families.

Why choose us?

Sustain ME employees a holistic approach towards empowering women and families out of poverty. We believe that to achieve global development, women and families must be involved at all grassroots level.

Choosing to work with us will give you an opportunity to contribute to the lives of the children who are the future generation while at the same time empower the vulnerable women who massively support to the survival and growth of the children. 

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Samuel Wanyagira
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Sustain ME is addressing the issue of poverty among the vulnerable women and children. Once the poor women receive small loans and business skills, they are able to start up small businesses and earn a profit. They use the profits earned to increase on their household incomes, provide food for their children, pay school fees for their children and improve on their health. 

There is most painful thing to a woman is when the mother or grandmother is not able to feed her children, it is more fulfilling to us when we empower a poor woman and she is able to feed her family.

Our Impact has been felt among the vulnerable women, children and families we have worked with so far. Over 1000 women have access business training through women empowerment, 800 women have had access to the small loans and able to establish small businesses, 200 women have had access to women rights sessions and 400 women have attended Hygiene and Family Health talks.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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