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Teaching You is a space created by a group of former volunteers who were continuously searching for opportunities to help the program and local community.


is a space created by an exclusive group of former volunteers who had returned to their countries after traveling to El Salvador and continued helping the local program in Santa Tecla.

Former volunteers with different ages, nationalities and personal stories have kept El Salvador in their hearts and minds, creating a big family. They were continuously searching for opportunities to help the program and communities in their way. These are the people who helped now to build this initiative "TEACHING YOU" which connects them to future volunteers.

Our Vision

To form a generation of well-rounded young students through education, skills and values in hopes of making them an agent of change for their communities.

Our Mission

We are an initiative dedicated to empower well-rounded young students in our public schools by inspiring and educating them to address life adversities through the learning of languages, skills and values while presenting opportunities to overcome economic disadvantages and be self sufficient.



El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. It is called the land of volcanoes or the valley of the hammocks, because El Salvador has frequent volcanic activity and earthquakes. Salvadorans are extremely friendly, warm and hospitable. They are known as hard workers and indefatigable people.


Santa Tecla is the capital of La Libertad Department, located in the central region of El Salvador. It is part of the area known as Greater San Salvador (AMSS), is just 12 kilometers from the capital, and has an altitude of 789 meters above sea level.

Area: 112,2 km²

Population: 135.483 habitans (2014)

The temperature: 18°C - 24°C

Reasons to Volunteer with Teaching You

Teaching Experience

You will be exposed to a unique teaching experience where you will directly be involved in taking charge of a class. In El Salvador, a teacher is a respected profession and you can expect to be treated as such by the local teachers, students, and parents.

Cultural Exchange Opportunities

Interactions with the local community (host families, students, teachers, and neighbors) and other volunteers from different countries allow you to learn various cultures. As a result, volunteers often feel like they are living the life as a Salvadoran. Relationships formed during the volunteer experience continue for years.

Making a Difference

Learning English helps to improve a person's live by bettering their career prospects. As a volunteer, you can make a change in someone's life by imparting the long lasting skill of speaking English.

Dedicated Support

We will provide you a dedicated support system from the initial step of the application process till the end of your volunteer experience. Our support extends even after you have completed the program as we hope you will continue to be part of the TEACHING YOU family.

Who are we looking for? 

If you think you can fulfill the following, WE WANT YOU!

  • Use your strengths, knowledge and talents to assist the organization. 
  • Be a creative & proactive leader of your project.
  • Conduct yourself in a respectful manner consistent with the position and culture
  • Have an attitude of service towards others and seek to understand and appreciate the local culture.
  • Be receptive and cooperative with TEACHING YOU, the Directors at your project, and the providers of your accommodation with their rules & regulations.
  • Have a flexible mindset and respond to the changing needs and demands of your project by offering help where your skills are needed most.

Things can change at the last moment. This can happen regularly in our project, and it may be less organized than in your country, your university or in your work, you need to be positive and proactive. Don’t wait for the teachers or students to come to you first. These are things you would need to initiate on your own.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Joaquin Batres
Joaquin Batres
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Social Impact


Our program impacts the students in the public system schools that we are working with.

We focus mainly on the younger students from the 1° grade to 6° grade. We strive to build their foundation in English by the time these students graduate after completing the 9° grade. With good results and English competency, our students have greater opportunities to study in a private school through scholarship grants.


Teaching You implemented an ongoing program which teaches English as a second language in public schools. 

You as a native/fluent English speaker will act as a helping hand to acquaint students with the language from kindergarten to 6° Grade. 

Walking with the students step by step in their educational development, you can assist in building their foundation of the English language to equip them with basic communications and understanding skills.


Speaking English, having the knowledge of using a computer and some other skills are important in El Salvador. Especially when it helps a person becomes more competitive when finding a job in the future to support their family. Education is the best gift that you can give to a child. These are children who come from families surviving with $50.00 or $100.00 monthly, in a country where the basic salary is less than $300.00 and is normally from a family of 5 members.

Education is free in the public system from kindergarten to high school, however, English is only included in kindergarten. Few public schools offer English from the 7° grade to high school but there is no foundation built before they arrive at the secondary level.

In private schools, where parents normally pay $100 - $400 per month, English is taught as a second language. A private English language course offered in a language academy is also very expensive and not affordable for all Salvadorans.

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