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TIC is a Conservation Organisation dedicated to the research and protection of our oceans and surrounding terrestrial and marine life.

​We aim to:
  • Increase turtle hatchlings chances of survival through implementing controlled hatcheries and monitoring in-situ nests
  • Educate tourists and local communities on the need for turtle and marine and terrestrial conservation in the area 
  • Study and monitor our coral reefs and marine and terrestrial habitats
  • Develop sustainable relationships with local communities and organisations, encouraging eco-tourism practices and sustainable living

Our development has given way to closer collaboration with the Johor Marine Park, enabling us to provide school education visits and turtle conservation talks with government officials. 


2018 will be a very exciting year to get involved with our project as we are expanding our conservation efforts to the preservation of our marine and terrestrial habitats and the education of local communities.

You will be involved in coral reef surveys where we record the coverage and health status of each reef; coral nursery monitoring and maintenance; fish species recording; and terrestrial mapping and biodiversity monitoring. All of this is planned around the turtle conservation work.

Educating local communities and resort staff is one of the goals for 2018. You can join our local Out-Reach Coordinator and help him in preparing educational activities aimed to raise awareness and change current unsustainable practices.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Asia Reekie
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Social Impact

Our hatchery was opened in May 2014 and the first relocation of the eggs was in the end of June 2014. We were very lucky to have a successfully approved hatchery which produced nearly 500 Hawksbill and Green Turtle hatchlings. 

We have come a long way since 2014. Our hatchery was enlarged in 2015 to accommodate 6 times the quantity we had in 2014, allowing us to safely release 3000 Hawksbill and Green turtle hatchlings. Due to our growth, we are now able to safely relocate eggs throughout the entire state of Johor covering over 10 islands.
During 2017 nesting season, we successfully released 4612 hatchlings, and we expand our conservation efforts to the preservation of the reef corals surrounding our island.

Our development has given way to closer collaboration with the Johor Marine Park, enabling us to provide school education visits and turtle conservation talks with government officials. 

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