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Support us by teaching variety subjects in public primary schools and Library community.

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We offer volunteer program for teaching in primary schools variety subjects such as Basic English, Mathematics etc.


Our history dates back to 2005, when three activists from Moshi and Arusha, Ms. Corgepta Raphael Ndaskoy, Mr. Filbert Isdor Kiondo, and Marko Silas decided to use education as a tool to battle wide-spread prostitution in Moshi and Arusha. Because of harsh economic conditions, many girls were forced to drop out from schools and resort to extreme means of survival. In order to give financially and socially disadvantaged girls a chance to become valuable members of society. Marko Silas under The White Rose Organization establish a project in Arusha for support public primary and private schools to finding volunteers abroad to help and teach variety subjects with sports in private primary school and in public school we support by doing renovation/construction to different classroom and toilets. 


Currently, all of our projects are targeted on teaching in primary schools, located in the Arusha region, in small villages of Sanawari, Ilboru, Ilkidinga,Oldonyo Sapuk and Olturoto. We place our volunteers to teach various subjects, such as English, Math, Science, Geography, etc.,  based on their skills and preferences.


Our volunteers they should know they will come to help and support in a beautiful destination in Africa with beautiful land scape, Mountain, Beach, National parks etc. My country known as Tanzania {Land of Peace}. We’re located in Arusha region and good thing my Tanzania people in general we’re very kind and it safe for everyone to come and live the experience. You can vaccinate Malaria, and Yellow fever if travel more than one country in Africa. 


To support the children’s and schools in variety villages which surrounded in Arusha by creating with different skills through volunteer by improving their low-level education to teach and help to create good environment for their studies. I believe that people can achieve unspeakable things, when given proper attention and love.  


  • Eradicate poverty in the country by improving education.
  • Protect rivers, lakes and springs which get destroyed by activities of man
  • Submit researches to Tanzanian government on pollution and find solutions though stakeholders’ meetings
  • Empower women to fully participate in solving social issues
  • Fight street children problem
  • Involve domestic and foreign volunteers to assist the organization in pursuing its’ objectives.


We’re looking for volunteers abroad through the global to cooperate together for teaching and Construction too. 


My city Arusha it surrounded with variety landscape, Beautiful mountain such Kilimanjaro, National parks such as Serengeti etc. Also, we’re peaceful since we get independence until today and we didn’t charge much.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Marko Silas
Marko Silas
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Social Impact


We success to do more renovation and construction for the public primary schools and we improve good and comfortable environment for more than 1000 students in the community in different villages.


We success to build a library community with the aim of help children to note after school they need to study again themselves or with volunteers. And we succeed to motivate more than 100 students now they come to the library.



We help especially public primary schools which surrounded us and more than 5 villages include our village by improving the environment of studying and increase number of pass students in public primary schools.



Were focus and settled our mind by improving education to our community by help and support our children’s in different background to have culture in their mind to study themselves after school because its not like our tradition mostly of our community.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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