Surf & Sportsbuddy Surf & Sportsbuddy Sedgefield, South Africa TripBuddies
Uplift disadvantaged children and take them to the beach, teach them surfing, skating and other sports! Bring in own ideas and do art, gardening or english workshops.
Film & Photo - Marketing Intern Port Elizabeth, South Africa TripBuddies
We need your photo, video, media and marketing skills to help us grow our surf projects and the township art, sports and upliftment projects for underpriviled kids.
Travel, visit communities and uplift Children Cape Town, South Africa TripBuddies
Experience the real South Africa with a guided round trip where you visit different social and environmental projects. Uplift kids and make a difference while you travel.
Preschool & Childcare Assistant Coffe Bay, South Africa TripBuddies
Help us to take care of a bunch of lovely children at a Preschool in the beautiful rural Mawotsheni Community. Explore real Xhosa life and enjoy epic Transkei landscapes.
Flowers for Africa - Uplift Children with Art Port Elizabeth, South Africa TripBuddies
Uplift children from the township Motherwell with the power of art: paint huge murals with the kids and beautify the shacks in the unique 'Flowers for Africa' project.
Environment, Arts and Sustainability Support Port Elizabeth, South Africa TripBuddies
Uplift and inspire the people in Motherwell by beautifying the township with art, organize events & workshops and teach locals about the environment and sustainability.
Teaching English in Township Port Elizabeth, South Africa TripBuddies
Teach underprivileged children English in the township Motherwell. Help to ensure a brighter future for our kids, while travelling and exploring the Xhosa culture.
Childcare Support Township Shelter Port Elizabeth, South Africa TripBuddies
Help us taking care of a bunch of lovely children at our shelter, where we offer activities, games, sports, art, gardening, English and Computer classes.

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Project Details

Uplift children in the township Motherwell with art, games, sports and environmental activities. Help to grow the children's self-esteem and inspire the community.

We are an organization that works closely together with the locals of the township Motherwell, who want to improve life in the township and ensure a better future for their children. Us and the volunteers work closely together with the communities and residents of the township:

  • we organize afterschool activities like sports, arts, planting, practising English, playing games and environmental activities
  • we help out at a kids soup kitchen run by Nwabisa, the 'Mama' of the neighbourhood
  • we do art with the kids at the Hand in Hand Art Studio and Art Academy run by the two artists Sakumzi and Coco
  • we beautify the area together with the locals
  • we do the 'Flowers for Africa' project once a month, where kids paint huge flowers on the walls of their shacks
  • we organize events in our artistic park, which we created out of a dumpsite
  • we help out at a preschool in the township

Besides the weekly program, we organize different events in the township where everyone can show their art and do dancing or theatre performances on a little stage. We also offer workshops for sustainability, gardening, English, maths and art and we hold meetings with the locals to discuss environmental and social issues with them.

Once a month we do the 5 days ‚Flowers for Africa‘ workshop initiated by the artist Luc van der Walt and the non-profit organisation ‚Art to uplift‘ which provides underprivileged children with the therapeutic experience of art. With a group of artists, the children are painting flowers bigger than themselves on the murals of their communities. The children are left proud, educated and more confident in themselves and the community is inspired to make other improvements.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Agnieszka Mazur
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Motherwell is one of the biggest townships in the Eastern Cape. The life in the township can be tough and this is why we want to encourage the community to make improvements and ensure a better future for the kids.

Our Uplifting Community project involves the locals in the Township, makes them work together and shows that they can make a difference on their own. It has many positive effects on the community and the children:

It gives the children self-esteem, encourages them and shows them that they can prosper.

It keeps the kids busy and thus keeps them away from playing in the dumps, criminality or drugs.

The community is motivated to make other improvements like collecting the surrounding waste, beautify the area or starting new projects with the kids.

Because we work so close together with the community members, there is high participation in the township. People from the area love what we do, participate and support it.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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