Organic Farming and Tropical Conservation Organic Farming and Tropical Conservation Puerto Misahualli, Ecuador Trésor De Nature
Learning from nature in Puerto Misahualli in Equator, this program will offer you the opportunity to live in the heart of the Amazon forest with the locals. Come help us!

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Project Details

Learning from nature in Puerto Misahualli in Ecuador, Trésor de Nature offers you the opportunity to live in the heart of the Amazon forest with the locals. Come join us!

About us:
Founded in 2001, Trésor de Nature is an association whose objective is to protect and restore biodiversity while raising awareness among local populations about the preservation of their environment. It conducts its activities in France and at the gates of the Ecuadorian Amazon where it works to restore and conserve the forest on a 30-hectare site.

Our fight:
The association fights against deforestation and more generally against climate change. Indeed, Ecuador is the most biodiverse country in the world! However, intensive agriculture and the exploitation of minerals such as gold, endanger the habitat of fauna and flora... In order to fight against this trouble, Treasure of Nature buys forest land in order to protect. She created an agroforestry farm in Ecuador to restore and reforest soils damaged by intensive agriculture.
The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
caroline Nicoleau
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Social Impact

In Ecuador with:
  • its 5-hectare plantation, the association mobilizes local knowledge and offers an alternative to gold mining
  • her creation of her wild animal refuge, she mobilizes scientists, locals, the town hall of Puerto Misahualli so that the village becomes an eco-responsible village -
  • its creation of a nature reserve, it offers an alternative the economic resources of gold mines for the local people
  • its awareness of communities, schools, it integrates the young local population
  • its campaign to reduce single-use plastics, it mobilizes local authorities, the population of Puerto Misahualli
  • its support for local families on the creation of agroforestry plantations, it raises awareness among farmers, young people who want to start farming
What did we achieve so far?
  • more than 3,500 students made aware of the protection of their environment (middle and high schools)
  • more than 9,000 trees have been planted In France and Ecuador
  • 30 hectares of tropical forest have been preserved with the creation of an ecological reserve and the construction of a wildlife transit refuge (early November 22) including 4 hectares that it has reforested by creating an experimental plantation of cocoa agroforestry
  • reintroduced endangered trees with 800 Arriba Nacional cocoa trees, which is the traditional cocoa of Ecuador in permanent cultivation 
  • and more than 3,000 endemic fruit trees.
  • We accompanied 4 local families in Ecuador to create an agroforestry plantation We mobilize volunteers from the Amazon to collect waste along the rivers, to plant plants in the villages
Whom did we help? 
  • Local people
What is our social impact?
  • Encourage professional vocations, awaken minds for young people
  • Create, develop an activity in rural areas
  • Preparing for climate change
  • Lever to mobilize young people in the territory
  • Participate in the animation of local life
We are part of the collective:
  • 1% for the planet. ARBE member
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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