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We provide opportunities to advance the interest and needs of children, youth and women in education, health and capacity building.

True Companion Foundation (TrueCorp) founded and registered in 2015 as a volunteer led organization that through rigorous advocacy, education, networking and alliance grow and develop children to spearhead community developed sustainable health and behavior change dynamics that transform the communities socio economic standards.
Mission: To provide ongoing events and opportunities to advance the interest and needs of communities through development of innate abilities of children in health, education, leadership and career skill development
Vision: That every child in Ghana will have the mental and physical freedom to network and form alliances to develop community led sustainable strategies and behaviors that transforms the community's economic and social standards as well as health and sanitation
Goals: Provide sustainable medical support n care for poor communities, reduce waste disposal challenges and crate ways where poor communities can create wealth from their waste, preventive health education, peer group counseling training, build capacities of girls and women in rural areas, be a partner in transforming local communities on agriculture and food processing

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Emmanuel Desmond Mensah
Emmanuel Desmond Mensah
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Social Impact

Trained 420 community icons who are children undertaking peer education and transforming their schools and household on sanitation and hygiene.

Trained 44 schools on separation and linked them with recycling companies and farmers to buy the separated wastes
Support farmers with organic waste that they use as manure

True Companion Foundation have trained 44 schools in the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly on sanitation and health whiles offering preventive health education to the host communities of the schools. The organisation is currently extending the number of schools to include additional thirty schools. We believe that children are the agents of change and if they are trained and empowered effectively, they could transform their communities in some few years to come in areas of health, education, sustainable livelihood and community development.

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