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Working together with volunteers and communities to improve the health of people living in Ghana underserved poor communities.

The Health for Humanity program was implemented by our registered NGO World Partners for Development-Ghana in 2007 after seeing the urgent need to empower underserved rural people to eradicate poverty and preventable diseases that was affecting the improvement of their quality of life.

Health is a basic human right but many people living in poverty continue to die of preventable and treatable diseases in their communities. Most of these people living in poor communities of Ghana need help and intervention and that is why our unique organization is focusing on the foundations of health, like clean water, nutritious food, and medical care, to save lives, especially children.

Health is very important issue because it determines how we live and why we die. Our organization therefore aimed to give everyone in our target communities a chance to live a healthy life.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Phil Darko
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Social Impact

Many of the communities we serve has no help or support for any community health programs to improve their poor health conditions. Our model of long-term partnership with other organizations, volunteers and communities help break the cycle of poverty and poor health in the communities we serve.

Our high impact programs transform the social and economic systems that allows poverty and illness persist in poor underserved communities.

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