Photographer in a childcare facility Photographer in a childcare facility Kiambu, Kenya worldmeetskenyak
We are looking for photography volunteers to create photographic content to add to our image library and support our causes.
Childcare Participant Nairobi, Kenya worldmeetskenyak
We seek to address the immediate and long term needs of communities by leveraging volunteers, partner organizations and the local community.
English Teaching Participant Murang'a town, Kenya worldmeetskenyak
The project involves undertaking primary school pupils in English lessons.
Videography Participant Kiambu , Kenya worldmeetskenyak
This role involves attending events and programs to take video footage. The footage will be used for our website, social media marketing, media releases, and fundraising

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Project Details

Volunteering with children is a fantastic opportunity for volunteers, skilled or with no experience, who have a genuine love for children to help make a difference.


Worldmeetskenya is a registered community based nonprofit founded in 2016 by Samuel Gitau and Claudia Garitto with a mission is to address the immediate and long term needs of communities by leveraging volunteers, partner organizations and the local community.The men and women who lead worldmeetskenya on the board of directors and our executive team are dedicated individuals from a variety of backgrounds. All dedicated to ensuring that we achieve our mission. We currently have five members of staff and a board of directors comprising of five members.


In a bid to address the needs of our local community, worldmeetskenya seeks to employ constituent engagement in three distinct ways: gathering input; co-creating programs and services with constituents; and empowering the constituents themselves to define, achieve, and gain responsibility for outcomes.


  •  Those who want to use skills and give something ba
  •   Those trying out or learning new skills
  •   (if the person is older or unemployed) to keep active
  •    Those seeking to gain experience in a field of activity they hope to enter
  •  Those seeking social contacts and to meet people.
  •  Those who hold a belief in our Organizations cause


We are dedicated to providing quality services to our volunteers. We do this by providing international programs that:

  •  Make a Difference to the Global Community
  •  Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding
  •  Are Customized to Your Needs
  •  Have Flexible Work Schedule and Start Date
  • Are regularly inspected to ensure they have an impact to the society and be worthwhile to the volunteer


Worldmeetskenya serves within Githurai45, Kiambu County, Kenya an area with a population of approximately 900,000.Githurai receives plenty of visitors both locally and internationally owing to its high safety standards. International guests are advised to take vaccines for malaria, and yellow fever

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Samuel Gitau
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

  • We offer daily lunch meals to 200 primary school children between the ages of 4-13 years. This has seen an 80% improvement in class attendance among the beneficiaries.
  • 40% of the beneficiaries have shown improvement in their school performance.
“I no longer have to sneak out of school during lunchtimes to steal fruits and sugarcane in nearby farms” Paul Nderitu 8 yrs, program beneficiary 
“At times I would fill my lunchbox with water to make it look like I am carrying lunch like other childrenPeris Karanja 12yrs, program beneficiary
  •  At least 1 out of 4 primary school children within Githurai 45 miss school, every day owing to hunger. 


  • We currently pay school fees to 120 secondary school children from needy backgrounds between the ages of 12yrs to 17 yrs.At least 30% of  secondary School students are unable to attend secondary school owing to lack of school fees
  •  12 year old Jane Musembi is one of our scholarships beneficiaries, she was unable to attend school owing to lack of School fees
 "I had lost hope of ever completing my secondary school education, now I can achieve my dream of becoming an accountant”- Jane Musembi-beneficiary


  • At least 200 unemployed youths have been equipped with computer skills thanks to our computer literacy program. At least 60% of the trainees scored above 50% in both theory and practicals. 30% of the project beneficiaries have secured meaningful employment upon completion.

"My business is now more organized. I am now able to reply to emails from my clients and use excel to record my sales". Thomas Kaniaru-beneficiary

"I would attend numerous interviews and employers would ask whether I was computer literate". I have missed out on plenty of job opportunities"-Andrew Were beneficiary

  • At least 30% of youths within Githurai 45 are unemployed. Equipping youths with computer skills will highly increase their chances of gaining meaningful employment
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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