Onyame Maternity Home West African Aids Foundation Accra, Ghana You & Ghana Foundation
West African Aids Foundation (WAAF) is is an outpatientclinic that has been focusing on counselling and guiding people with HIV/Aids
Onyame Maternity Home Accra, Ghana You & Ghana Foundation
The Onyame maternity clinic is located in Olebu, a village located in the rural area of Accra.
The Trust Hospital Accra, Ghana You & Ghana Foundation
The Trust Hospital is one of the leading players in health care in Ghana and has several health clinics and three hospitals in Accra.

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Project Details

The You & Ghana Foundation is founded to 'link' enthusiastic students or volunteers who would like to do an internship or work abroad in Ghana.



It all started by Albertine Visbeek, a Dutch pediatric, obstetric and tropical health specialized nurse and also an IBCLC lactation consultant.
She came to Ghana in 2007 for her clinical attachment as a nursing student and fell in love with the country.
Over the years she came back to Ghana for several volunteer positions. Albertine is living temporarily in Ghana to establish the foundation and the various projects we are working on. Originally, she was assisting nursing students with preparations for their trips to Ghana, in addition to the guidance provided by their school. Her experiences have led her to believe that doing an internship abroad will develop both your personal and professional skills. Participating in a different care system can be particularly rewarding and I encourage students to pursue this option. 

In Ghana, she received requests from the projects and organizations she had been working to arrange more motivated volunteers and students. The connections in Ghana have been made, now it’s time to link up the students and volunteers!


Kate Barnor - Kumi

Kate's educational background is in midwifery and anesthesia which allows her to be closely involved with the focus group You & Ghana is working with. She is currently working on setting up a second office for the You & Ghana Foundation - Ghana to increase the impact of the Safe Motherhood Program. Her aim is to roll out more low-cost solutions to save the lives of mothers and children in the local community. 


The You & Ghana - Connect to Care Foundation was registered in November 2015 at the Chamber of Commerce, region Friesland. The statutes were written by Yvon Notariaat in Drachten. The You & Ghana Foundation - Ghana branch was founded in September 2019.


The You & Ghana Foundation 'link' enthusiastic students and volunteers, from social studies and/or medical studies who would like to study or work abroad to a project in Ghana to improve the quality of care for the main mother and child locally moderately. But it's never a one-way direction. We strongly believe in working - and also learning from each other. Hand in hand with the local staffs we'll achieve our goals. 

We can help you, as a student or volunteer, to find a suitable project in which your talent is best expressed. By keeping the lines of communication short with the organizations involved, we can (where possible), respond to local needs with the knowledge and resources. In addition, we offer preparation for the trip and necessary guidance during the work in Ghana. 

We're working in Ghana, a small African country in West - Africa. 
The professional language in the country is English, but there are around 70 local languages been spoken in Ghana.
All our projects and partners are based in the middle and southern parts of the country. 


Students and volunteers who are:

- at least 18 years old
- command of the English language
- following or completed a medical or social study
- creative, independent and enterprising
- flexible and loves a challenge

 We're a small organization with long term partnerships with local health facilities. For us, it's really important to keep the connections with the field tight and short and it's our aim to connect your talents and interest with the local facilities to always look for a win-win situation as a base for our partnerships. 



The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Albertine Visbeek
Spoken Languages

Social Impact


To empower women, reduce maternal, neonatal and infant mortality, combat HIV/Aids, malaria and other diseases within less privileged communities in Ghana.


To organize outreach programs on health education, build projects to improve health care delivery in Ghana and also work with other organizations to improve the health system to reduce maternal, neonatal and infant mortality.


Dedication | Integrity | Selflessness | Care

The You & Ghana Foundation developed the Safe Motherhood program. The Safe Motherhood program consists of several projects with local partners and is about Safe Birth, Prevent Mother to Child Transmission, Family Planning, Malaria, HIV/TB & nutrition.
Our local partners try to improve the care of pregnant women, post-delivery care, babies & children.

Currently, the focus is on the implementation of You & Ghana's Group Pregnancy Classes project.  During Group Pregnancy Classes, pregnant women go to their check-ups in groups and receive information appropriate to the term of their pregnancy. Because the women go for a check-up in groups, you often see a close-knit group emerge that helps each other where necessary. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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