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We hold that all youth are valued individually and collectively, and subscribes to the values of good citizenship, moral integrity, pride in ourselves and our communities

 Youth Crime Watch of Liberia is an accredited youth organization established in 2004, to help address the need for grassroots participation in nation building, following the age-long civil conflict which nearly discriminated the population. We are dedicated to fighting illiteracy and promoting reconciliation, reconstruction, peace, development and better and healthier lifestyles in Liberia through crime prevention, youth empowerment and employment.

The goals and visions of Youth Crime Watch Liberia along with our past and current programs align with the missions of diverse development, recovery and emergency/relief institutions. Particularly those of children/youth education including TVET, life skills development, human rights and protection including economic empowerment, women’s leadership and participation.

Other areas include women peace and security, and Gender-responsive budgeting and planning. Youth Crime Watch Liberia takes a holistic approach to the progress of young people especial disadvantaged and marginalized by not only providing them the tools and skills needed such as educational enhancement/endowment response, entrepreneur/business training for youth and families needing strengthening support including practical training, micro lending, and leadership, self-esteem, ICT skills.

At the heart of Youth Crime Watch Liberia’s programs is a strategy or theory of change that recognizes the need for active, empowered and enabled youth citizens who have a channel for interaction with an accountable state and society with the goal of reducing and preventing crime. By enabling and empowering Liberian youth through experience (community development projects), opportunities (leadership), skill-based training (entrepreneurship), and access (knowledge, education and technology), we help to bridge power gaps while simultaneously decentralizing economic activities and post-war reconstruction efforts. With programs entirely focused on building confidence, trauma healing, business/skills training, and action for women we help redistribute power bringing Liberia’s most at risk populations to a forum where they can be heard, respected and incorporated into all aspects of society and policy. While we currently focus on grassroots empowerment, we are beginning to incorporate civil engagement and policy advocacy into many of our programs. We do so through the establishment of innovative, collaborative platforms and channels that could connect all Liberians. In this process we directly reduce risk factors that lead to crime. Through our crime reporting and prevention system and needs assessments we determine what primary interventions are needed where. In the future, as more and more young women and men become engaged in this system, they themselves will become leaders of peaceful interventions and become socially responsible, active citizens.



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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Zuo Taylor
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Social Impact

 We put young women and men at the forefront of development through community, economic, political, educational and social engagement. Our community work puts youth in the position to lead and implement change directly. Since its beginnings our organization has provided not only training but has provided the space and means for practical application and experience.

Through our programs we know youth have a voice, we only act to make sure it is heard and listened to. We work to provide of forum for youth where they share ideas, discuss issues, create solutions, and implement change. Since 2009, through trainings on using an online communication platform and establishment of a computer lab, we have been engaging youth through online discussion platforms to expand their reach beyond their communities and countries.

YCWL serves as a platform for youth by providing leadership, mediation, positive risk-taking, community engagement, and political involvement training and pathways for youth to take action as agents of change and as leaders in Liberia.

Educational advancement and promoting the culture of reading and writing through street library intervention

The YCWL Street Library initiative run from our volunteer-based center is a platform that aspires to enhance children's hope in promoting the culture of reading. The background of the heart touching venture comes from case wherein there remains countless children that are yet unable to enroll in the regular school system due to inability of their parents/guardians to afford school fees for an entire school academic year. Additionally, for those that do go, many of them yet lack the opportunity of safe spaces for reading and recreation beyond school ours.

 Our open space street library gives hope and excitement to hundreds of children daily through our daily 3 sessions running catering to 25-30 children per session that allows us reach about 100 disadvantaged children daily.

We hold the principles of nondiscrimination in everything we do and support highly a rights based approach to our services rendered to persons regardless of your social status or be whatsoever.

It presents an innovation that also tackles illiteracy from within the communities wherein children's reading and writing skills can also be enhanced even when they cannot be in the formal classrooms resulting from situation of poor income families.

Our commitment towards gender equality and women’s empowerment is interchangeable linked with all of our efforts. We created a Gender Desk to ensure that all of our programs have a gender-sensitive lens, and that we combat the disparity women face. Our commitment to the empowerment of women can be seen through the creation of our Women’s Empowerment Center in Paynesville in 2011.

YCWL participated in the creation of a Gender Empowerment Guide designed to look at the conditions which both support and hinder young women to take leadership roles in their community and engaged young women in a two-day retreat. In the spirit of true equality and bridging the gap young men are very much encouraged to take part.

 Our efforts began with violence and rape prevention and has expanded women’s computer classes, business training, micro lending, and mentorship with our Be the Change Academy (BTCA).

 We seek to ensure women are heard through journalism, webcasting, video and film making in our Youth Media project, and ensure that women are given the training, healing, confidence and skills needed to address issues in their communities and country in our Girls in Charge program. We not only seek to compensate for past discrimination, but work to prevent marginalization in the future by providing ICT skills, and platforms for women to see themselves as leaders and equals in all facets of live.

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