Community Ambassador Mzuzu, Malaui Khaya Volunteer Projects
This organization supports a number of women in income-generating projects, day care for their children, community vegetable gardens and more.
Construction of a Resource Center Karonga, Malaui Helping Your Community Forum
This project is to provide and encourage maintenance culture in already existing facilities.
Chideso Childcare and Community Assistant Mzuzu, Malaui Khaya Volunteer Projects
Organizing a variety of projects such as creches, teenage mother assistance, sports participation and computer classes that really need your help!
Nursery School and Youth Club Assist Nkhata Bay, Malaui Butterfly Space Malawi
Bring flair & energy into our nursery schools & youth club, assisting our teachers in their daily tasks, introducing new games, arts, crafts, dance, English practise etc.
Kandoli FM Community Radio Station Nkhata Bay, Malaui Butterfly Space Malawi
Offering an opportunity for volunteers looking to build on experience in journalism, media & advertising, this exciting new project has big potential.
The Uje Umampha! (Be Well!) HIV support group Nkhata Bay, Malaui Butterfly Space Malawi
This project provides vital support for people living with HIV to establish a peer support group, give education and counselling & provide business opportunities

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