Repair and Renovate Local Community Houses Palawan, Filipinas Global Nomadic
Help with local construction projects on the amazing island of Palawan. It's a flexible placement, tailored according to your interests and abilities.
Boys Youth Rehabilitation Tacloban, Filipinas Involvement Volunteers IVI
Volunteer with youths in conflict with the law, you can help coach and mentor young male adolescents who need to alter the course of their lives. Help empower the boys by
Street Children Support Tacloban, Filipinas Involvement Volunteers IVI
Sadly, it is not uncommon in the Philippines to see children begging for food and sleeping on the sidewalk. Help educate and inspire these kids.
Local Community Construction Palawan, Filipinas Involvement Volunteers IVI
Volunteer along side local tradesman to assist in the construction of houses & schools for the local people of Philippines.
Women’s Welfare Tacloban, Filipinas Involvement Volunteers IVI
Assist local staff in a women’s shelter, you can help promote female empowerment to some of the most disadvantaged women. Provide vocational and educational training!
Kindergarten Palawan, Filipinas Adventure Volunteer
Enjoy the Philippines through the wonderful community of children. Learn together with them and teach them a lot, they are very curious and will be happy to receive every

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