Zoo Assistant Zoo Assistant Huancayo, Perú Peru Peru Volunteering
Support the permanent employees at the local zoo in the Peruvian Central Andes with various daily tasks like taking care of animals.
Local Horse-Training Huancayo, Perú Peru Peru Volunteering
Training Peruvian horses and help with the administration of the stables of the owner. Help with feeding, cleaning and veterinarian treatment of the horses.
Supporter for Native Community satipo , Perú Peru Peru Volunteering
Community projects , environmental education , children education . ecofarming , social work, medical assistance,
learn acupunture while farming arequipa, Perú Peru Peru Volunteering
Help with Eco-Farming at the village of Characato a small town 20 min next to the amazing city of Arequipa.
Children's Development Tutor Huancayo, Perú Peru Peru Volunteering
Supporting local school children with solving their homework tasks and giving them afternoon lessons in sports and cultural issues

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Project Details

We are participating in several projects to improve the social and ecological education for school children around Huancayo.

Who we are? Peru peru is a NGO with various volunteering projects founded by the sociologist Rosa Lazo in 2002 , in Huancayo city in Peru, What we do? : Our programs are dedicated to :

1 : Protect and take care of the nature

2. Give a good quality of education to children living in vulnerable situation inside the central andes , giving them the opportunity get specific workshops and classes from qualified professionals or volunteers froom all around the world ,  specificallly in Lima, Huancayo, La merced , Satipo, and Cañete,   
Volunteering in this program  is possible as a

- tutor

- teacher`s assistant,

- sports trainer

- music tutor ,

- art teacher

- cooking teacher ,

- languages teacher

- any other specialization or knowledge that can be shared

3. Aniimal care program : helping  animals inside diferent locations, rescue center, dogs trainning center and zoo, as a zoo assistant, horse trainner, dog trainner, veterinary assistance,

4. Ecological program organising campaings as

- cleaning forests, rivers, beaches, lakes, glaciers, and related activities to take care of the planet  ,

- planting trees program  teaching children , families , native communities from the peruvian andes .

- eco education focused in teaching  coomunities strategies to protect the planet from pollution.

5. Human health care; assiting local doctors inside hospitals and many other health centers,colaborating with abandoned elderly people living alone, helping disabled children, and learning inside a mental health center.

6. Student and professional international exchange inside universities in Lima and Huancayo ,

Where we work?

Lima is the capital city of Peru . one of the countries of  southamerica ,  defined as the first gastronomical destiny around the world,  with 13 millions inhabitants, a cosmopolitan and active city, historically important from the pre inca period where many cultures developed in this area, the volunteers house is located in one strategic and  safest  districts . very close to miraflores and the pacific ocean . amazing parque de las aguas, campo de marte, art museum of Lima, downtown, etc .

Huancayo : well known as the happiest city in Peru beause of the welcoming, happy, hard working and empathetic people from Huancayo, this is not atouristi city and the local culture is amazing and extensive traditions are being very well preserved by the locals, 

La merced:  located in the high amazonic jungle, a natural paradise and interesting destiny to know and share daily life living inside some amazonic native communities .   

Our mission is to promote a development of a dignified life condition for peruvians living in vulnerable  conditions in Huancayo , LIma , satipo and La merced, inside Peru ,


To be a recognized organisation around the world chich contributes with excelence to the development of the humanity  in Peru .  

Our goal is to colaborate with the develpment of human´s life conditions living in the most vulnerable areas of the central peruvian andes giving them high and international of education  colaborateing  with the protection of  animals in extintion taking care of them, helping sick people in need giving them the attention and treatment required.

 health insurance is required.

huancayo Peru is one of the safest countries around the world , because it´s weather , dry and  over the 3270 mosl

the volunteer has to be aware to drink just water in bottles.

to go to the amazon is neccesary to get the yellow fever , rabies to help at the zoo or animal caring programs ,     

we are looking for students and professionals with a positive attitude of life,

our organisation and team is focused in showing you the best of the best from our geopraphy , environments, culture, traditions, language, our house is your house, we´ll reeceive you with open arms and hearts,  


The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Veronica Ruth Angela Gomez Lazo
Veronica Ruth Angela Gomez Lazo
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Give children from the poorest areas of this region the possibility to get a good level of education, self esteem, attention and love , which are useful tools to become a success human being.

We really appreciate your decision to come volunteer with us, you joining the team is a vital support to our projects since the moment you send the inscription fee, which goes straight into covering costs such as school supplies for the kids’ programs, food for the families in need, meals and meds for the rescued animals and so much more. This non-refundable fee also assures your place with us, since the dates you’ve chosen will be reserved and respected, unless you need to change those dates for which you just need to let us know at least a week in advance  and we’ll arrange the necessary modifications.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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