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Your Extra Layer of Security
Iporanga, Brazil IPBio - Reserva Betary-Logo by IPBio - Reserva Betary
2 - 50 weeks
IPBio is looking for a web developer to add new content and features to our website, improve the aesthetics and organize the website's structure.
Pythagorio, Greece Archipelagos Institute-Logo by Archipelagos Institute
12 - 50 weeks
Energy demand is constantly increasing in the whole world and Greece is not an exception. Archipelagos is developing several projects for renewable energy sources.
Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET-Logo by MACERUDET
3 - 50 weeks
The volunteers will be responsible to train the community how to make paper bags and other packaging materials from our locally available resources.
Kampala, Uganda MACERUDET-Logo by MACERUDET
3 - 50 weeks
The volunteer will be responsible to teach our students in a sensitive handling of computers, the internet and social media.
Mutare, Zimbabwe Musha Care Foundation-Logo by Musha Care Foundation
4 - 12 weeks
We need a savvy handed videographer with digital marketing know how to promote our projects.
Luanda, Kenya Kipepeo Community Empowerment-Logo by Kipepeo Community Empowerment
4 - 48 weeks
Help young people to develop computer skills and to get familiar with technologies. Support Kenyas youth and enable a better future for them.
Moshi, Tanzania YAAPHA-Logo by YAAPHA
1 - 12 weeks
YAAPHA needs database development volunteers to help with the general computer work at our office as we lack IT experts due to financial restraints.
Iporanga, Brazil FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine-Logo by FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine
2 - 50 weeks
Build and design an informative website that can promote FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine and its ability to combat the hunting, trafficking and illegal capture of wild animals.
Cochabamba, Bolivia Performing Life Bolivia-Logo by Performing Life Bolivia
Free of charge
12 - 50 weeks
You will be helping with Fundraising, Grant Writing, Promotion, Social Media Management, Audio-Visual promotion Projects, Website Development etc.