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Made for Meaningful Travel
Your Extra Layer of Security
Bwindi, Uganda Big Beyond-Logo by Big Beyond
2 - 24 weeks
We aim to strengthen cultural values that get lost in a changing world, raise pride and celebrate the mix of different cultures in the area.
Bwindi, Uganda Big Beyond-Logo by Big Beyond
2 - 24 weeks
Help the community to benefit from Uganda’s emerging tourism industry. The Bwindi Tourism Club is under development and we need volunteers to help.
Darjeeling, India Petrichor Farms-Logo by Petrichor Farms
2 - 4 weeks
The Art & Craft Program consists of helping with handicraft work which is a supplementary program involving design and production of merchandise.
Goiânia, Brazil Global Peace Foundation-Logo by Global Peace Foundation
2 - 6 weeks
Building three communities: School by CCI, Family by Hosting, Social by Service
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Art In Tanzania -Logo by Art In Tanzania
1 - 24 weeks
Art in Tanzania is developing young African musicians and dancers. We focus on traditional African music with hectic drum rhythms and dancing.
Kumasi, Ghana Samba Africa Voluntary Organization (SAVO)-Logo by Samba Africa Voluntary Organization (SAVO)
2 - 50 weeks
Samba Africa invites you to come on an unforgettable trip to the land rich in history, culture and tradition.
Sucre, Bolivia BiblioWorks, Bolivia-Logo by BiblioWorks, Bolivia
Free of charge
5 - 50 weeks
We would like to document our work in our rural libraries and are looking for vounteers who can shoot and edit video to create clips for our website and social media.
Montego Bay, Jamaica RSVP Caribbean Volunteers-Logo by RSVP Caribbean Volunteers
1 - 24 weeks
Provide assistance with the day-to-day activities in the rastafarian village - the wellness centre, farm, music, arts and culture centre and plan various events.
Buenos Aires, Argentina Identidad Vecinal-Logo by Identidad Vecinal
Free of charge
6 - 50 weeks
You are working or studying in the field of textile production and want to volunteer in order to help or advise them in their activities.
Huancayo, Peru Peru Peru Volunteering-Logo by Peru Peru Volunteering
2 - 50 weeks
We need volunteers to help out at the local museum in Huari. The museum is located next to an archaeological place: Wari Willca ruins.
Huanchaco,Trujillo, Peru FairMail -Logo by FairMail
Free of charge
6 - 20 weeks
Teach photography and creativity to underprivileged teenagers with the aim to let them take photos for on their fair trade greeting cards.
Siem Reap, Cambodia Anjali House-Logo by Anjali House
4 - 50 weeks
Volunteers usually run our creative workshops with the assistance of our Khmer teachers. The workshops can be anything from arts and crafts, to singing, dancing, acting.