Supporting Disabled Children Dehli, India Plan My Gap Year Agency | Plan My Gap Year
This is a fantastic project for anyone interested in contributing to the lives of children with learning difficulties in a country packed with natural beauty.
School and Care Assistant Cape Town, South Africa SAVE Foundation NGO | SAVE Foundation
Assist children with physical and mental special needs within a local township.
Daycare Assistant For Children With Special Needs Hanoi, Viet Nam CVTD Viet Nam NGO | CVTD Viet Nam
Volunteer travel to Hanoi, teaching English and help disabled students in Phuc Tue caring center
Work with Special Needs Children Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania Agency | Viva Tanzania
This project is an initiative by a mother with a special needs child in order to create an appropriate learning environment for her and other children with special needs.
Special Needs Napoli, Italy International Napoli Network Agency | International Napoli Network
Volunteers will assist with daily tasks in a special needs center for young adults such as creative workshops, desk support or helping in therapy & educational services.
Childcare for Disabled Children Phnom Penh, Cambodia Asia Volunteer Network NGO | Asia Volunteer Network
Volunteers work in the center with the local staff to help care for children.
Work with Disabled Children San Jose , Costa Rica South America Inside Agency | South America Inside
Assist teachers during lessons, help organize activities, and care for children that have disabilities. Make a positive impact on them and brighten up their day.
Caretaker For Disabled Children and (Young) Adults ALEH-Negev, Israel ALEH NGO | ALEH
The Volunteer is placed in residential units where they will become integrated with the staff. The tasks range from care-giving, assistance with activities and education
Childcare for children with special needs Rabat, Morocco MCAS NGO | MCAS
Childcare Morocco transforms the lives of the most vulnerable children across Rabat through the work of our services.
Assist Disabled Children Hanoi, Viet Nam Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Provide help to orphanages for disabled and special needs children. Playing, feeding, teaching basic English are some of the main volunteer tasks.
Assistant for Disabled Children Tirana, Albania Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Give the children a chance to enjoy their time and create fun activities and games with them. Assist the specialists and provide much needed companionship.
Help Teach Disabled Children Kampala, Uganda Kitega Community Centre NGO | Kitega Community Centre
Volunteers help teach mentally disabled children, literacy, numeracy, music , dance and drama etc. and also engage in outdoor activities.
Children's Special Needs Assistant Nairobi, Kenya VACK jitolee Africa NGO | VACK jitolee Africa
Building the ability of children with mental disability to become self reliant through skills based training.
Special Needs Teacher Cape Coast , Ghana True Companion Foundation NGO | True Companion Foundation
Teaching and assisting children with special needs and helping them to learn career skills
Rehabilitation Center Assistant Cusco, Peru Peru Volunteer and Travel NGO | Peru Volunteer and Travel
Serve in either a home for children with mental and physical disabilities, or at a school that offers special education for children with disabilities,
Support People with Disabilities Cape Town, South Africa All Out Africa NGO | All Out Africa
Provide support and community-based rehabilitation for people with disabilities!
Special Needs & Education Supporter Harare, Zimbabwe Musha Care Foundation NGO | Musha Care Foundation
Volunteers on the project assist with providing daily hands-on support and disability education among families and local communities.
Disabled Children Carer Santiago de Chile, Chile South America Inside Agency | South America Inside
Nursing support, assistance in therapy sessions, care and supervision of the disabled, assistance in workshops and seminars
Working With Disabled Children Jinja, Uganda BUWEDDA NGO | BUWEDDA
St Ursula Special School is a Rehabilitation and Day care centre for children with learning and multiple disabilities. We care for rejected children.
Teaching Assistant at a Special Needs School Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania Agency | Viva Tanzania
Teach and play with children who have different disabilities. Help them to get accepted in society and make them smile!
Creative Art Teachers Kumasi, Ghana SFLIG volunteers NGO | SFLIG volunteers
Volunteers will assist children to develop their cognitive abilities through creative methods using constructive materials, paints, clay and drawing.
Work at School for Mentally Disabled and Deaf Kids Cusco, Peru Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Play an essential role in helping to teach disabled children, in severely understaffed and underfunded schools.
Improve the Skills of Children with Disabilities Badulla, Sri Lanka Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
Provide essential childcare to vulnerable children with special needs in Sri Lanka.
Support Disabled Children Antigua, Guatemala South America Inside Agency | South America Inside
Help take care of disabled children and brighten their day by playing, singing, and doing activities with them.
Rainbow Centre Assistant Urubamba, Peru Kiya Survivors NGO | Kiya Survivors
Volunteers provide classroom support within the school and help in our therapy centre aiding the Therapy Team, working one-on-one with the students and supporting staff.
Special Needs Care Center Quito, Ecuador Love Volunteers Agency | Love Volunteers
The center provides services for children with disabilities, rehabilitation as well as daily care for those in need.
Support & Teach Autistic Persons Ejisu, Ghana SFLIG volunteers NGO | SFLIG volunteers
This program is to equip the Intellectually Disabled with the required attitudes and vocational skills that will make them functional and employable in society.
'Santo Toribio' School for Disabled Children Trujillo, Peru Peru in Farbe Agency | Peru in Farbe
Work with disabled children and adolescents in Trujillo.
Ba Vi Disability Center Supporter Hanoi, Viet Nam VIVPS NGO | VIVPS
Volunteers will work with disabled children in the very scenic setting of Ba Vi.
Help Disabled People Quito , Ecuador South America Inside Agency | South America Inside
Show your compassion for children and adults with disabilities by teaching them different subjects, participating in recreational activities, and providing therapy.
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