Childcare Center Cusco, Pérou Peru Volunteer and Travel
Wawawasi (House of Children in Quechua Language) is an amazing center for poor children full of energy and great hopes.
Childcare and Orphanages assistant Cusco, Pérou Integrated Learning Experience
Support the children of Cusco and surrounding towns by working in a day care or orphanage
Construction and Renovation Assistant Cusco, Pérou Maximo Nivel
Work at construction projects and help rural schools, community centers and orphanages.
Urban Childcare Assistant Cusco, Pérou Plan My Gap Year
Work at childcare facilities in the great city of Cusco and support their important daily work.
Cultural Immersion & Sustainable Development Cusco, Pérou Peru Volunteer and Travel
Volunteers will be placed in very small villages of approximately 60 people in the Andes Mountains outside of Cusco.
Supporter for After School Activities Cusco, Pérou Globalteer
Immerse yourself in rich Peruvian culture while working with Globalteer's international and local staff in the incredible city of Cusco.
Girl's Home Assistant cusco, Pérou Integrated Learning Experience
The girl's home serves as a safe space for young girls who have been subject of physical and psychological abuse.
Support Local Women's Empowerment Cusco, Pérou Love Volunteers
Give impoverished women and children quality care, compassion and a sense of hope.
Rehabilitation Center Assistant Cusco, Pérou Peru Volunteer and Travel
Serve in either a home for children with mental and physical disabilities, or at a school that offers special education for children with disabilities.
Local Day Care Worker Cusco, Pérou Maximo Nivel
Help and volunteer in a childcare project in Peru.
Female Leadership Empowerment Cusco, Pérou Adventure Volunteer
Help empower Quechua girls and women from vulnerable backgrounds through workshops and initiatives to share important skills.
Support Local Childcare Initiatives Cusco, Pérou Love Volunteers
Give impoverished children of Peru quality care, compassion and a sense of hope.
Construction & Refurbishment Supporter Cusco, Pérou Involvement Volunteers IVI
You'll be directed by a local construction foreman helping to maintain & refurbish community centers, shelters, clinics & schools.

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