Primary, Teens & Adults English Teaching Cuzco, Pérou Involvement Volunteers IVI
Teach English to kids, teens & adults who may be struggling with economic challenges. Learning English can help as a way out of poverty.
Urban English Teaching Assistant Cusco, Pérou Plan My Gap Year
Work at schools in the great city of Cusco and support their English teaching efforts.
Teaching English Assistant Cusco, Pérou Peru Volunteer and Travel
Helping at the school can give the opportunity for teaches and children to learn other cultures, skills and personal development.
Teach English to Vulnerable Communities Cusco, Pérou Maximo Nivel
Contribute to the children's valuable education in an impoverished community!
Education Internship Cusco, Pérou Maximo Nivel
Gain professional experience in teaching English to local communities in Cusco!
Assistant School Teacher in the Andes Cuzco, Pérou NGO Taxi
We include a FREE 1-week Spanish Course, to allow you to have a greater impact. Support local schools in providing inclusive education.
Childcare & After-School Club Assistence Cuzco, Pérou Involvement Volunteers IVI
Work in after school clubs and community centres, helping the staff who are over-run. Play with the kids, teach them English and provide a cultural exchange.
Teach English in a Pre-School Cusco, Pérou Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of some of Peru’s most impoverished children, and help them to break the poverty cycle.

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