Assist Teaching at Pre & Primary School Arusha, Tanzanie STEP Africa
Help the teachers in their everyday routine and learn more about the Tanzanian school system. Bring in your own ideas and immerse yourself in the African culture.
School Development Assistance Malindi, Kenya Mafanikio Organization
Bridging the gap through experimental learning of local and international volunteers in rural Kenya.
Children’s Foundation Support Arusha, Tanzanie Viva Tanzania
Support this preschool aimed to provide affordable education to children from low income families.
Local Primary School Teacher Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Stay Africa Volunteers
Volunteer at a Primary School in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, working with children between the ages of 6 - 13 years of age.
Teaching in primary school Malindi, Kenya Mafanikio Organization
Teaching English, Maths, Environment, Music, Nutrition & Hygiene & Sports in Ganda village. The school could use extra help of teaching assistants.
Teach & Educate Children Arusha, Tanzanie Viva Tanzania
Help children achieving their goals and escape from poverty. Only through good education you can have a better future.
Teaching in School and Communities Nairobi, Kenya UCESCO Africa
Teaching is the only future hope we can give our children. We need your help! Whether your strengths lie in teaching English, math, or sports, you can make a difference
Support Sustainable Education Arusha, Tanzanie The White Rose
Support us by teaching variety subjects in public primary schools and Library community.
Stepping Stones Primary School Assistant Nkhata Bay, Malawi Butterfly Space Malawi
Help to assist and support our fantastic Malawian teachers at this inspiring school. With a modern holistic teaching approach, all talents and skills are welcomed
Teaching Children And Assisting Our Local Teachers Dar es salaam, Tanzanie Samaritan Volunteers
Our project based to provide free education for the children from low income families where you will get involved with them while helping and assisting our local teachers
Teaching Assistant at a Primary School Mombasa, Kenya LA4CC
The main aim of this project is to work with local teachers and improve their educational style within the indigenous curriculum.
Teaching Baby Class and Primary School Kampala, Ouganda Making a Difference in Uganda
Baby Class is Daycare to Kindergarten and Primary School is P1-P7. Volunteers are needed to help plan, teach and run activities.
Italian Teacher to Local Kids Nairobi, Kenya UCESCO Africa
UCESCO seek volunteers to teach Italian Language to the local communities and children at primary and secondary school level in the slums and marginalized areas in Kenya.
Pre and Primary Education and Activities Assistant Arusha , Tanzanie Stichting Dinka
Dinka School is offering quality education to 200 children. We also take care of 50 children in our boarding facility. The children are in the age of 2-12 years old.
Sunny Side of Life Wakiso, Ouganda The SunnySide Foundation
We believe every children in Uganda deserves a better life ranging from Education and welfare to Health and Parental Love.
School Teacher Supporter in Local Area Karonga, Malawi Helping Your Community Forum
Experience the rural Malawian way of life and it's laid back, friendly atmosphere while teaching children!
Empower children through education Arusha, Tanzanie Viva Tanzania
Help to eradicate poverty through education by assisting in teaching kids various subjects.