Zookeeper Erdősmecske, Hongrie Repzootic Animal Center Non lucratif | Repzootic Animal Center
Feeding animals, cleaning cages, building new enclosures, ... You can help us out in our Sanctuary in Hungary.
Provide Essential Childcare Cherkasy, Ukraine Love Volunteers Agence | Love Volunteers
Give impoverished children quality care, compassion and a sense of hope.
Caretaker & Buddy Baryatino, Russie Ecologia Youth Trust Non lucratif | Ecologia Youth Trust
Volunteering opportunity in a rural community of Russian foster families who take orphans into their homes & give them a family & an education in a supportive environment
Improve English-speaking Abilities Causeni, Moldavie Love Volunteers Agence | Love Volunteers
Provide free English language classes to the residents of Causeni and improve the future prospects of some of Moldova’s most impoverished people.
Make a True Difference to Local Youth Causeni, Moldavie Love Volunteers Agence | Love Volunteers
Create a sense of hope and a sense of belonging for marginalized youth.
Caring with passion for dogs and animals Pioresti, Roumanie Dog Rose Redefined Dog shelter Non lucratif | Dog Rose Redefined Dog shelter
Volunteering at The Dog Rose is a wonderful experience for dogs and humans. You are socialising with dogs and get to do special project if wanted.
Nature Reserve Conservation Assistant Irkutsk, Russie Fronteering Travel Non lucratif | Fronteering Travel
Journey to the Great Baikal Lake found in Russia and become a part of an amazing team and worthwhile cause at our Baikal Ecotourism Development Program!
Caring For And Teaching Under-Privileged Children Deva, Roumanie Volunteer Romania Non lucratif | Volunteer Romania
Establish in Romania since 2008 with the simple aim of creating smiles and a feeling of self-worth among children and under-privileged we work with
Youth Development Supporter Causeni, Moldavie Love Volunteers Agence | Love Volunteers
Develop youth’s life skills, self-confidence, leadership skills and promote a socially inclusive society.

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