Animal Welfare Helper Bilbao, Espagne Instituto Hemingway
Volunteer at animal shelters and give your love and care to animals that have been abandoned or abused by their owners and are looking for a new home 🐕.
Beach and Mountain Cleaning Supporter Bilbao, Espagne Instituto Hemingway
Since many beaches and mountains are not yet adequately protected from an environmental point of view, the support of volunteers is required.
English Teacher assistant For Kids Bilbao, Espagne Instituto Hemingway
Make a profound impact by teaching English to our eager and deserving children in a heartwarming project in Northern Spain. 📚
Art Therapy Bilbao, Espagne Instituto Hemingway
Join a compassionate community who share your commitment to making the world a kinder, more inclusive place and helping people with disabilities through the arts 🎨.
Sustainable Urban Agricultural Initiatives Bilbao, Espagne Instituto Hemingway
You don't have to be an expert to have a great impact on the conservation and positive management of our natural environments 🌱.
Social and environment entrepreneur Bilbao, Espagne Instituto Hemingway
Learn new skills and contribute to minimize the adverse environmental impact of tourism and get involved in important conservation and research programs.

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