Horse Handler/Animal Carer or School Helper Horse Handler/Animal Carer or School Helper Windhoek, Namibie Apache Appaloosa Ranch
Work with our beautiful and unique Appaloosas. To help rehabilitate neglected horses and wildlife orphans. Or help in teaching basic skills to underpriviledged children.

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Détails du projet

Working with our beautiful Appaloosa horses. Rescue and rehabilitation of neglected or abused horses and orphaned wildlife.

Apache Appaloosa Ranch is a working farm. We do trail riding with our beautiful Appaloosa horses which in turn helps to support the work we are doing in rescuing neglected and abused horses from the streets and farms. We try to help the local community by performing health checks on their animals and giving advice on their care. Rescue horses need a lot of time spent with them in order for them to recover not just physically but mentally too, it can be a long process. We also take in wildlife orphans, feed and care for them until they are able to be returned to the wild. This year we are suffering a severe drought and many animals abandon the babies after birth for self preservation. Unfortunately not all of our orphans are able to be returned to the wild, those that can't be have free range of our farm here and are able to live out their lives in this protected environment.

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Julie Wiese
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Social Impact

By going into the community, doing health checks on horses/donkeys and giving advice to the local people on how to properly care for their animals, we hope to not only make the lives of the animals better but also the people who rely on them to get around, by ensuring they have happy and healthy animals that are in a good physical condition and are able to do the work required of them.

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