Teaching English in Remote Areas Teaching English in Remote Areas cotacachi, Équateur Cloud Forest Adventure
Help children and young people in a rural area of northern Ecuador get out of the poverty trap and follow the career of their choice.

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Détails du projet

we work to improve the quality of life and opportunities for local children and young people in the Intag zone of northern Ecuador.

Who we are

We are Ned Cresswell and Patricia Rodriguez, with baby Andy.  Ned is a biologist from the UK, and Patricia is a local farmer and basketmaker.  We live in a beautiful cloudforest area of northern Ecuador called Intag. Chari Agea and Felix Castaneda provide airport pickup and accomodation in quito.  We have been providing volunteer placements in  TESOL , traditional andean farming and conservation since 2007, aiming to provide authentic and low-cost experiences for visitors wishing to make a difference for local people and the environment.

About the location

Cloudforestadventure is run from our farm Finca San Antonio,  in Intag, in northern Ecuador, 3 hours by bus from the town of Otavalo, in the parish of Cuellaje.

Our mission 

Our mission is 1. to empower local people to follow the career of their choice and escape the poverty trap.   2.  To provide visitors and local people with a chance to inter-act and grow in knowledge and understanding of their own cultures, and also in appreciation of the extraordinary environment of Intag cloudforest.

Our goals

Our goals are to help conserve the exceptional bio-diversity of Intag and healthy way of life of local people.  To help visitors gain perspective on their own culture and up-bringing through experiencing an unfamiliar way of life in the Andes.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for individuals who are willing to move outside their cultural "comfort zone", be generous with their time with local people (both as English TESOL teachers, and in home life outside of hours of work) and who are not afraid of living in a rural area with less than perfect internet communications.

Why choose us?  

Choose us if you are ready to move on from the sort of touristic experiences that are generally available for a traveller inter-acting primarily with tourist guides and fellow travellers, and living in hotel rooms.  

What you will get here is an insight into authentic latin american life and some of the issues that confront ordinary people living in South America, and as a  valuable consequence of this experience, the chance -if you wish- to re-evaluate your own culture and beliefs.  

What you will not get here is a group of young people all from the same cultural background, speaking english together, and engaging minimally with local people.  

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Social Impact

Our program builds the confidence of local children and adults in their ability to enjoy a wide range of professions, and to prosper from sources of income that don't threaten their traditional way of life. Volunteers are used by many local folks as a sort of cultural bridge between themselves and the outside world: improving specific skills such as spoken english, expanding horizons, and appreciating the beauty of intag and its healthy way of life.  

Our program also  aims to address gender issues, specifically the lack of earning opportunities for women and lack of respect and appreciation for the domestic tasks often carried out by women in a rural latin american setting.  

Finally, we aim to question the wisdom of implementing enormous multi-national copper mining projects in Intag, which we believe would pollute the air, water and earth of Intag and poison its agricultural produce for many generations to come, as well as negatively impacting the health and traditional way of life and of local people.

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