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Volunteering at The Dog Rose is a wonderful experience for dogs and humans. You are socialising with dogs and get to do special project if wanted.

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Détails du projet

The Dog Rose is a concept to heal the relationship human and animal at the moment dogs. We socialise with dogs, teach kids their needs and spay to reduce strays.

The Dog Rose is an innovative animal rescue, rehabilitation and education center featuring a recreational park, vegetarian café, meditation pavilion,
tourist accommodation for our volunteers and a school education garden. Over several hectares, a sustainable green paradise for stray dogs to relax and interact with visitors is being built, alongside an education center for children to learn the importance of animal welfare, plus a place for teenagers and adults to spend profound volunteering vacations, as they assist in caring for our dogs. Visiting the organic vegetarian café will be another great reason to spend the full day at the Dog Rose. Even though most people love animals,they usually avoid animal shelters and
instead pay to visit zoos and go on safaris.This made us think: how could we create a shelter that people love to visit?

By building a rescue garden that has open, landscaped, abundant space, we seem frightened or seemingly aggressive dogs become happy, balanced and friendly pets - ready to be adopted. By their nature, dogs are unconditionally loving creatures. However, the effect of ill treatment
sometimes breaks this trust. Thankfully, this can be brought back with kindness and care. Through education, our visitors learn about the
potential of a loving, respectful bond between dogs and humans. We aim to change any negative beliefs and perceptions that often lead to the dysfunctional cycle of mistreatment, abuse and neglect. Our visitors can experience for themselves that dogs are as meaningful to us, as we are to them.

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Social Impact

The project shall achieve major change in animal welfare in Romania. We have started cooperation with other international charities to work together. The power of several is better then just us.

We have started last year to have children from Romanian schools and charities visiting our shelter to learn about dog and their needs in theory and in practice. Only this way they can understand the theory when they can apply it in a safe environment into practice. We also go to schools and teach them there about dogs and their needs. We think when the children learn how to treat animals we can achieve that the animal are treated better in Romania.

We are also involved in spaying campaigns to reduce the number of strays on the streets of Romania. Spaying of the dogs is the only sustainable way to reduce the number of dogs and cats. Our vets are regularly spaying dogs and cats of locals in our area for free. We also plan to do with others together bigger campaigns around the country.

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