Medical Outreach Medical Outreach Kampala, Ouganda Making a Difference in Uganda
This program involves visiting areas without access to healthcare to treat URIs, UTIs, STIs, GI & skin infections, wounds, plus HIV and malaria testing and treatment.
Teaching Baby Class and Primary School Kampala, Ouganda Making a Difference in Uganda
Baby Class is Daycare to Kindergarten and Primary School is P1-P7. Volunteers are needed to help plan, teach and run activities.
Womens Empowerment Kampala, Ouganda Making a Difference in Uganda
We partner with Change African Child International (CACI). Volunteers get involved with counseling young women, adult literacy, vocational skills training and more.

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Détails du projet

With Making a Difference in Uganda (MDU), volunteers will help transform lives with programs designed to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable Ugandans.

** All Volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19**

Medical Outreach (Tuesdays & Thursday): During our medical outreach programs, we test patients for HIV, hCG and Malaria. We also treat many illnesses and infections, such as: URIs, UTIs, and STIs, GI infections, skin infections and wounds. We provide families with mosquito nets to help prevent future malaria infections and hand out mama kits to expectant mothers. In most health facilities, the supplies needed during delivery are not provided and pregnant women could be turned away if they do not bring them, risking the lives of the mother and baby. Each mama kit we hand out contains everything needed for a safe delivery.  We also hand out reusable sanitary pads to girls and young women, increasing their chances to complete school, work and live successful lives. Every child at our outreaches receives deworming tablets and vitamin A. Both are necessary for healthy growth and development. All treatment, including the medication and supplies, are provided free of charge. Our medical team includes: MDU doctors, nurses, lab manager, support staff, people from the local villages and our volunteers from all over the world. Every outreach is a unique and rewarding experience. 

Women’s Empowerment (Wednesday morning):  Volunteers will participate in a local Woman’s Empowerment Program. MDU partners with Change African Child International (CACI). At CACI, women are taught sustainable income generating skills. For example: tailoring, hairdressing, cooking, adult literacy and gardening. Once a week, the female volunteers, along with our MDU social worker, council a group of young women on many topics such as: hygiene, women's health, relationships and much more.  

Kisenyi Program (Monday, all day & Wednesday afternoon): MDU works with the street connected kids in Kisenyi, the largest slum in Kampala. According to government estimates, as many as 15,000 children, ages 7-17, mostly boys, live on the streets in Kampala. Twice a week, the MDU staff and volunteers gather a group of street-connected boys and bring them to the program site. There, the boys get counseling, play fun games and receive a nutritious meal. Due to the poor conditions on the streets, the boys often come to the program with wounds, illnesses and infections. The MDU staff and volunteers treat the children during program and arrange for follow-up care at the nearby clinic if necessary. The goal of our program is resettlement. When possible, MDU re-connects the kids with their families or finds other options to keep them safe. MDU also has a sponsorship program making it possible for kids to go to school and get an education. 

School visits, Clinic visits, Home visits, Excursions (Friday) 

Free time & Excursions (Saturday & Sunday)

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Social Impact

Making a Difference in Uganda (MDU) is founded on the belief that giving people hope, encouragement, support, and education, is the best way to help them achieve success. We have a range of programs throughout the week, primarily focusing on healthcare, education, women’s empowerment and caring for street connected kids in Kisenyi. We offer:

-​Medical support

-​Access to Education

-​Support for violence against women and girls

-​Sustainable income generating activities

-​Resettlement of street connected kids

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