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Collaborate with us and local communities to restore and protect North Bali's coral reef ecosystems! 🪸

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North Bali Reef Conservation has since started several environmental and sustainability projects focusing on education, mentality change, no take Marine Protection Area

North Bali Reef Conservation is a Non-Governmental Organisation and volunteering program based in the small fishing village of Tianyar on the North East coast of Bali. Tianyar’s reef has potential to be a healthy and highly diverse coral reef but is currently in poor condition due to abusive and unsustainable actions in the past. Until the 1950s the Tianyar beach was a port for traders who used to anchor their ships on the reef. Before, it was also fashionable to harvest coral for it to be crushed into a fine white powder and used to show a families wealth when painted on the outside of their house. More recently, the marine ecosystem is under pressure from plastic pollution choking marine life as well as pressure from local fishermen. An urgent need to protect and conserve the reef was identified and in July 2017 North Bali Reef Conservation was founded by I Ketut De Sujana Mahartana, the founder of Volunteer in Bali Program and Zach Boakes, an undergraduate environmental scientist. Alongside our aim to restore and conserve Tianyar’s coral reef, we also aim to provide an alternative, sustainable livelihood to the local people. North Bali Reef Conservation has since started several environmental and sustainability projects focusing on education, mentality change, no take Marine Protection Area (MPA), pollution reduction, and the construction of artificial reef structures.
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At North Bali Reef Conservation we are constructing an ongoing artificial reef where the natural reef has been destroyed. We are working with the members of the YBS fishermen team to help us construct and deploy these structures. This has created sustainable jobs within the local community and also provides fishermen with alternative incomes that would have otherwise been generated from extracting resources from the sea.

As a reef conservation organisation, our current main focus is building artificial reefs. We build and deploy many different designs of artificial reef units to provide a varied habitat for an optimal number of species. With help from our volunteers and local fishermen, we frequently deploy these units onto an area of previously destroyed reef, where they will provide new habitats for marine life. So far, we have built and deployed  over 3000 artificial reef structures.

These structures are placed on a sand bottom surveyed area along the coastline. Along the Tianyar coast, there are large flat sand bottomed plateaus, providing no habitat for fish and coral. The artificial reef structures we have deployed benefit the marine ecosystem in a variety of ways. The structures act as a substrate for coral larvae to attach while also providing a link between natural reef patches, improving connectivity by allowing individuals to move safely from one coral patch to another. Both structures facilitate coral growth and provide suitable egg laying habitats for reef fish while fish domes also provide protection from predators. In the future, corals will be transplanted from the natural reef onto the artificial reef.

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