Experiencing Puer Tea Processing in RedDao Region Experiencing Puer Tea Processing in RedDao Region Ha Giang Province, Viêt Nam Tea House Of Baiyue Tribes
Experience the mountainous of Baiyue tribes where tea is grown "wild" and is harvested by the local people, explore and contribute to the social impact for hill tribes

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Experience in the Tea mountains of hill tribes in Ha Giang


We are an official social enterprise located in the north of Vietnam which is established under Vietnam Enterprise Law and operate as a commercial organization but must commit to investing at least 51% of annual profit in registered social or environmental goals. Our enterprise commits to reinvest the entire profit generated to improve sustainable livelihood for tea farmers and indigenous knowledge conservation.

Tea house of Baiyue tribes is for the collaboration of open-minded individuals, groups in pursuit of the the truth and fascinating facts about the Baiyue tribes who hold numbers of wisdom indigenous knowledge and their land where the ancient tea plant has its origins.

Our mission is to inspire tea lovers to become advocates for our planet’s natural resources, cultural treasures, and local communities through wild ancient tea mountain of Baiyue tribes. To tackle the deep-rooted issues and some of the most complex challenges that both our tribes and tea lovers on worldwide are facing through established the partnership between stakeholders.

We partner with ethical, responsible organizations  to protect the ancient shan tea trees of Baiyue tribes that make our world so inspiring  through the Baiyue Tea Club

Our Core Values: We treat other people as we would like to be treated

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Tri Shan
Tri Shan
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Social Impact

  • Improve the capacity for farmers in ancient Snow Shan tea villages by introducing livelihood models base their indigenous knowledge, include tea, develop these diversified livelihoods models
  • Enhance knowledge on the role of ancient Snow Shan tea trees for the income and food security of hill tribes, reduces poverty and increases resilience to the expected impact of climate change.
  • Focus on building entrepreneurial capacities of local youth to exploit business opportunities, empowering them to start up local businesses and work off their own skill sets.

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