NGO Fundraising/Administration Internship

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fondée en 2018
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Coordinateur | Alex
Coordinateur | Alex
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Experience our fast paced and vibrant office environment, developing exceptional skills in the world of NGO's while being a voice for our animals.
Forge unforgettable memories as part of an exciting and diverse community, celebrating every individual.
Become more passionate about your field of studies and learn life-long lessons to spring board you into your future career with a personal reference from a registered NGO..
Spend your free-time exploring an incredible volcanic Island, black sand beaches, practising your Spanish and trying delicious local cuisine!
Revel in the beauty of eco-living, learning "planet-saving" practises to take away and thrive in your best sustainable life.
Experience the day-to-day life of a grass-roots NGO, developing skills in administration, strategies, social media and fundraising, while being a voice for our animals. This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Âge 18+
Seul voyageur

Tenerife Horse Rescue - NGO Fundraising/Administration Internship

Come and join our fun and "one-of-a-kind" office team on our Eco-sanctuary, where you will be learning about the day to day behind the scene runnings of a grass roots NGO, helping us to raise money and develop our fundraising and administration strategies, and living as part of vibrant community all dedicated to sustainable living and animal welfare.

Volunteering is a fun and hands on way to immerse yourself in a field of interest, invest in an area you want to pursue for study or simply a way to give back.

The ideal Office and Fundraising Intern needs to be enthusiastic, willing to learn, ready for a challenge and has the desire to take initiative in various roles from fundraising, to social media, to general administration. Care, commitment and patience are important qualities! 

The ideal candidate will have a passion for animal welfare, some experience in an office based or online environment and the motivation to chase projects, and WANT to meet the targets we set them, or they set themselves! The roles that you will be adopting in the team will generally be based around your motivation, and your areas of strengths, and you will be supported all along by the CEO, and other members of staff. 

Basics conversational Spanish is not required for this position, but is a HUGE advantage, helping us to continue to reach out further within our community.

You will be working with the office team in the day, and relaxing in our beautiful luxury Mongolian yurt by the evening, with your own private kitchen, bathroom and living space to enjoy.

As we are on an animal sanctuary, please be aware that dogs, cats and even chickens and a runaway donkey (!) can all be visitors into our office space, so you must be comfortable working around animals, and happy to have to brush the occasional cat off your keyboard :) 

About Us

We started as a couple with a dream to create a small self-sufficient Eco Horse and Animal Sanctuary in 2018. We are now a registered charity with over 6500 acres, volunteers from all over the world, and an even bigger 'finca' family of over 400 animals, including 22 horses and 3 donkeys.

  • *Our Mission; To give a voice to animals who cannot speak for themselves, and a safe place in a sustainable eco-sanctuary providing education and collaboration with like minded associations to change the future of animal welfare forever.
  • *Our Vision; To see animals living species appropriate lives, relaxed and free, no longer used, abused or exploited for recreational pleasure.
  • *Our Values; To always make decisions that align with our mission, putting the needs of our animals first. Fighting for animal rights and law reform, and educating and inspiring others to join the fight with us.

We first opened as a horse charity, until we saw how greatly we were needed by many other animals on the Island, so we started to open our doors to a wide and wonderful variety of abandoned pets, stray cats and dogs, and rescued farm animals, from goats, to pigs, to Guinea pigs, to bearded dragons! 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and our ENTIRE sanctuary (or 'finca') is built from clay, scrap wood and metal, and waste material. We eat "freegan" as all of our food comes from supermarket and farm waste, and have an incredible kitchen team who turns all that "waste" into incredible meals for us twice a day. We also boast some amazing regenerative systems to keep us sustainable, such as our solar, wind turbines and water systems. We turn all of our food waste to compost, and even use all of our horse manure to heat the hot water pipes for our showers, we're like a sustainability power house!

Our project is beautiful but hard work, we get the balance of working as a team to make it happen but enjoying the experience of back to basic living. As we live in a community based on animal welfare and sustainable living you must be passionate about this and happy to live in a sustainable way without luxuries. We rely on animal and nature lovers to add their own beautiful ideas into this project, help us to grow and expand and leave behind their personal touch and legacy to keep the dream alive for many years to come.

We have up to 40 amazing volunteers coming and going from here at any one time, who all speak a great variety of languages, but to keep things simple we all communicate together for work in English. The age range can vary, our youngest volunteer was little Leo aged 8, at the same time as Roberto our 72 year old gardener!

Working in the office can be intense and mentally challenging and although we welcome people from all ranges of professional or non-professional backgrounds, a hard-working attitude will take you further here than a lot of previous experience that you might have. Tenerife Horse Rescue celebrates diversity from all areas, so please let us know before booking if you have specific needs or disabilities so we can discuss the possibilities and come to a conclusion that is inclusive but also guarantees everyone’s safety.

Community Living

We have an on-boarding video "How to Finca" for new volunteers to watch when they arrive here which explains our most important community rules. Most of these are common sense, but many that are in line with our morals connected to sustainable living.

To use as an example, every responsible adult understands that it's important to clean up after themselves, but not everyone is used to not throwing toilet paper down the toilet. We have a very sensitive septic system which is damaged by toilet paper and towels, so we provide bins to use in the bathroom which are changed daily. Following these important rules such as this are essential to keeping our community running smoothly; every hour a volunteer needs to spend unclogging the drains with toilet paper is another hour wasted that can be used to care for our animals, or build our sanctuary. You might find it a bit rustic living in such a way to start, but we are all here to support each other and make your transition in as smooth as possible. :) 


On the finca we communicate with each other in English for work so that everyone can always understand. However there are many different languages being spoken here and we encourage each other to practise if you feel comfortable :) There are parts of the Island where English is a lot more commonly spoken, but it's always nice to have a little bit of basics before you come to feel more comfortable and make a bit of an effort with the locals!

Journée Typique

No typical day is the same in our amazing office which is the beauty of it; we maintain a structure to keep things organised but you must always be prepared for a sudden plan change, a new rescue animal arrival or a phone call requiring immediate outreach.

Generally, the NGO Administration volunteers & interns observe and assist the CEO and the other office staff with basic office work, as well as in-community project support and administrative work and the coordination and supervision of our outreach programmes and fundraising events. 

However you may come with your own different ideas and niche, and we fully support listening and adapting your duties based around the skills that you can bring to our table. Most importantly, as a volunteer and intern you will furthermore help to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the animals we rescue, and help us to secure their futures.

Activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with the coordination of volunteers, including conducting meetings 
  • Giving a guided tour to our many visitors and influencers!
  • Supporting the day-to-day running of the NGO and organising meetings with local companies, influencers and community members.
  • Shadowing the director/coordinator in general administration and day-to-day tasks
  • Working in financial accountability tasks such as financial planning and budgeting
  • Attending operational meetings to discuss events at the sanctuary
  • Participating in and remaining informed of all the sanctuary's programs and campaigns.
  • Assisting the Social Media team with updating social media networks, content creation and story telling.
  • Helping promote our cause online and practicing fundraising through social media, grant writing and dipping into corporate fundraising.
  • Helping to create content and assisting with our monthly newsletter
  • Activities for advanced Spanish speakers: Working on public relation projects designed to mobilize community support. These include, but are not limited to: radio broadcasts, participating in neighborhood council meetings, writing bulletins/columns, organizing community projects, working with locals to find new volunteer opportunities, translating newsletters and website information into Spanish.

    Whilst the typical working hours are from 9:00 to 14:30 pm, on occasion some of our office volunteers might have zoom meetings with international companies in the evenings, so can therefore start an hour later to make up for it. You might also spend your weekend attending an event in the name of Tenerife Horse Rescue, and could therefore switch a day in the week to make up for it. Generally the office team is better when we are united and bouncing ideas off each other, but you still have that flexibility to keep things fair.
That in mind, on a usual day we start at 9:00, take breakfast with the rest of the community at 11:00-11:30, then work the afternoon until we meet for lunch together at 14:30, and then the rest of the day is all for you to do as you please :) 

Activités de Loisir

There are many beautiful things you can do on the Island of Tenerife in your free time.

Many of our volunteers like to go to the beach, visit the local towns or go hiking to some of the incredible treks on the Island. You can take a bus to pretty much anywhere here, and the prices are very reasonable for travel, or taking a beer in one of the little restaurants by the sea. Tenerife is bursting all year round with fun things to do and places to go, there will always be someone on hand at the finca who can give you the low down on the best places to go, with the insider knowledge!

You have the beautiful town of El Medano on our door step, the gorgeous Montana Roja to climb, paddle boarding, scuba diving! El Medano is also the European capital of wind surfing, with many amazing competitions that you can visit and watch with a jug on Sangria from one of the beautiful local bars.

You can hop on a bus and get to the capital city, Santa Cruz, a city dazzling with culture and many beautiful restaurants and museums, or venture over to Puerto De La Cruz to experience their world famous Botanical Gardens, and the chic night life!

Even on the finca, we love to organise things together, if it's trips to the beach, football games, going to raves (off-site from the sanctuary) yoga meetings, group dinners, the list is endless when you have a big finca family together :)

We however do like to point out that this is NOT a party place, whilst we can all enjoy socialising and having a couple of drinks over the weekend outside of work hours we do not tolerate any behaviour which can jeopardise the safety and mental state of our animals, or any actions which threaten the reputation of the sanctuary. We are well known and loved on the Island, and the volunteers are a representation of ourselves and the image we want to create. 

We also have a ZERO tolerance policy for any actions that threaten the safety and well being of any person here, for example; racism, sexism, domestic violence, aggression and theft. It should also go without saying that any negative behaviour towards the animals will not be tolerated.

If your free-time activity doesn't violate any of those rules then you are free to do whatever you please, and the sky is the limit! :) 

Concert /
Plongée /
plongée en apnée
Des sports
Sports Nautiques
Yoga /


Pour participer à ce programme tu dois avoir au moins 18 ans quand le programme commence. Il peut y avoir des exceptions si tu peux montrer la permission de ton tuteur légal ou si tu es accompagné(e) par l'un de tes parents.
Compétences Linguistiques
Tu dois parler anglais (niveau de base)
Restrictions de Nationalité
Aucune restriction. De l'aide venant de tous les coins du monde est bienvenu.
Autres Compétences
While experience is not essential, it is definitely preferred!

Some areas of work experience or prior knowledge that be appreciated;

* Fundraising
* Computer Skills
* Sales/Marketing
* Basic software experience
* SEO/content creation
* Use of Google Drive/spreadsheets/Trello etc
* Photography
* Story telling for NGO's
Engagement de Temps
Nous avons besoin de ton aide le lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi et vendredi de 09:00 - 14:30

Services inclus

Services de Tenerife Horse Rescue

Your fee is a donation as we are a registered association, and it will be declared and used as such. Sometimes the word fee is used to keep the wording consistent with the Volunteer World site.  The first week, when the most intensive training takes place, is the most expensive- 400 euros.  Each additional week is only 300 euros to a maximum of six weeks. The longer you stay with us the more you'll learn, have fun and save! Start and finish days are flexible and you do not need to book for full weeks.  Book for whatever period of time suits you.  

You shall receive knowledge in the field of running an NGO, with training, guidance and all the work and life experiences you will receive living and working in this beautiful place, not to mention a top quality reference and future recommendations. 

Your donation, also referred to as a fee,  is used for feeding, veterinary and health care, maintenance and improvements of the horses' living conditions, insurance and program support etc, plus will help us complete our mission aims and objectives.

All food is included in the price.  Flights, transport, days out, eating and drinking in bars are your own financial responsibility and not included in the fees. We recommend you provide your own personal accident insurance suitable for the type of activities you will be taking part in.

Transfert de l'aéroport Tenerife South Airport

The local airport is Tenerife South, which is approximately 30 minutes drive from the sanctuary. 

We will either come to pick you up with one of our work vehicles, or in some situations the volunteers prefer to take the 110 or 111 bus from outside the airport to a stop called Las Listadas which is then a 5 minute drive from our sanctuary. We are then able to either come pick you up, or we can always be pleasantly surprised that some volunteers would prefer to find their own way there! Either way works fine for us and will be arranged prior to your arrival.


You will be staying in a beautiful, luxury, hand made Mongolian Yurt with the following amenities:

  • Fully furnished, spacious bedroom with a double bed 
  • Private bathroom with a natural stone, walk-in shower, toilet and sink
  • Private living space with a kitchenette, refrigerator, lounge area, desk and sofa bed
  • Large garden and terrace overlooking the animals and the ocean
  • Star gazing window on the ceiling of the yurt, which can be left open or closed for rain

You will have an entirely private section of the sanctuary. The beauty and amenities of this accommodation are reflected in the pricing, as this incredible area boasts a double furnished room with a private bathroom, and separate kitchenette and lounge area. Whilst you are encouraged to join us every day for the community food, which is included in the price, you will be able to cook food on your own, enjoying your beautiful terrace, whilst in the heart of the finca,  It is a serene place to relax and unwind after your day. Everything has been hand built by our volunteers, from the painted doors to the glass mosaic floor. It really is the jewel in the crown for our finca and has been home to many international celebrities and influencers.

Dortoir Maison des invités Chambre double
Aliments & Boissons

Our secret weapon comes in the form of our "freegan" diet and life style! We have an agreement with several super markets on the Island where we collect their 'waste' food every day (in amazing condition) and take it back to turn it into incredible meals for our hard working volunteers! We separate the food 3 ways; the best for the volunteers to our pantry and our kitchen, the second best food goes to our animals, and the rest goes to our compost to be eventually made into bags to sell, very sustainable! We are also a registered food bank on the Island so we send a lot of food to impoverished families every day. 

There are two meals prepared for you per day, breakfast at 11am and lunch at 14:30. We make a lot of vegetarian and vegan food that can be eaten by all, but all diets are accepted on the finca, as long as everyone is respectful of each other views. You are then allowed to use any food that we have here from either the fridge or the pantry to cook/consume at any time, provided that there isn't a name on it. A lot of the time we encourage group cooking and there are two nights a week where we have our community dinner.

Accès à Internet
Bon accès sur le site du projet
NE SONT inclus dans le prix:
Visa, billets d'avion, assurance voyage ne sont PAS inclus dans les frais de programme.
Billets d'avion
L'aéroport le plus proche est Tenerife South Airport (TFS) à Tenerife. Nous t'aidons à trouver des vols pas chers pour aller en Espagne.
Assurance Voyage
Partir à l'étranger est une aventure et c'est toujours mieux d'être bien préparé. Que ce soit une maladie soudaine, une blessure ou du vol - une assurance voyage pour Espagne te protège en cas de situation imprévue.
Si tu envisages de faire du bénévolat en Espagne, nous te conseillons de consulter un médecin avant le début de ton voyage. Renseigne-toi sur les vaccins nécessaires pour Espagne.

Dates et Prix


Informations sur l'arrivée

As Tenerife is known as the land of eternal spring, we have beautiful weather all year round, and even our winter times can be busy! You are encouraged to contact us to talk further about the best times to come, however we are open to take volunteers all year round.

On arrival you will be picked up if you prefer, and shown around the Finca by one of our volunteers and shown the ropes!

Ce programme est en pause pendant Corona

janv. févr. mars avril mai juin juil. août sept. oct. nov. déc.
1 - 6 sem

Frais de Programme

Frais: Prix en USD
1 sem (durée min.)
2 sem
3 sem
$1 150
4 sem
$1 495
5 sem
$1 955
6 sem (durée max.)
$2 300
Coût moyen
$422 /sem

L'organisation facture ses frais en EUR. Le tableau des prix en USD est soumis à la fluctuation des devises. Tenerife Horse Rescue t'informera du prix final au cours du processus de candidature.
Acompte (15%)
L'acompte sert à réserver ta place avec l'organisation. Les paiements sont effectués par Paypal, notre partenaire de confiance pour les solutions de paiements internationales. Si tu n'as pas Paypal, tu peux également utiliser ta carte de crédit.
Montant Restant (85%)
Le paiement du montant restant doit être organisé avec Tenerife Horse Rescue durant le processus de candidature. Très souvent ce paiement est effectué par virement bancaire ou en espèces.

Pourquoi partir avec Volunteer World

Couche supplémentaire de sécurité de Volunteer World
Volunteer World est la plateforme comparative principale pour des missions humanitaires internationales. Nous te guidons tout au long de ton processus de candidature - y compris tous les paiements nécessaires. Planifier ton prochain voyage humanitaire avec Volunteer World te permet d'accéder gratuitement à:
Assurance qualité
Normes éthiques élevées & impact social vérifiable
Option Flex
Modifie ta réservation sans frais supplémentaires
Garantie de remboursement
Si l'organisation annule ton séjour, nous te remboursons les frais
Support & Médiation
Nous te soutenons quelles que soient les circonstances
Notre service est gratuit
Les frais de programme sont perçus directement par Tenerife Horse Rescue.

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NGO Fundraising/Administration Internship

Experience the day-to-day life of a grass-roots NGO, developing skills in administration, strategies, social media and fundraising, while being a voice for our animals.


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