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fondée en 2013
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Experience a sustainable living lifestyle.
Get involved with female farmers of the bedouin community.
Learn organic and regenerative agriculture in the desert.
Explore the surrounding mountains of Sinai Desert and the Red Sea
Help restore Women-run food gardens with daily life gardening activities. Empowered female farmers will be the key to a healthy food chain for the new generations.
This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Âge 18+
Seul voyageur

About Habiba Community

Habiba Community is based in Nuweiba, South Sinai with the Sinai Mountains on one side and sandy beaches with turquoise waters of the Red Sea on the other. The farm is based on a plot of what was an empty desert and has transformed it into a production hub of locally grown organic vegetables, as well as a center for research in sustainable desert agriculture. We are a center for research and regularly collaborate and conduct knowledge transfer with the Desert Research Center as well as agricultural research institutes around the world. 

Habiba aspires to set a successful example to be followed by locals across the Sinai Peninsula. For this reason, Habiba welcomes volunteers, students conducting research, and experts. 

Habiba Community is committed to transforming the lives of local Bedouin communities by promoting sustainable agriculture and permaculture. We do this by empowering the Bedouins to try different organic farming techniques, helping them not only to grow their own produce but to conduct their own research into how best to make use of the resources around us. 

About the Program


This specific Volunteer Program aims at the economic and educational empowerment of women who have more restrictions on their lives. Our goal through the women empowerment program is to provide opportunities for Bedouin women to have alternative economic incomes through gardening to improve their lives. 

The goal is to provide Bedouin women with everyday household farm knowledge so that they can both support their own food needs as well as participate in crop exchanges with other families.

This includes gardening in desert environments, environmental care, nutrition, handicrafts, and food production for sale.

Our vision is to create a sense of responsibility towards the environment where people believe they can change the world by learning and developing their skills. In order to achieve this, it is important for Bedouins to understand that the world we live in is not just for us but for the future generations to come.

We also wish for this program to be an inspiration for other women and families in Nuweiba and the rest of Sinai Bedouin tribes.

Ideal Applicants

Firstly, you should be open-minded and culturally sensitive. Ideally, you will have experience working with developing communities elsewhere in the world. However, even if you do not, you should have the appropriate sensitivity to be able to communicate cross-culturally with people from strikingly different economic and cultural backgrounds.

Secondly, it would be helpful if you have handicraft, cooking, or other home-making skills. You do not need any qualifications — common sense and everyday skills are all we ask for, plus an ability to learn and teach.

Finally, because of the time investment in building relationships, we require a minimum of two weeks. Please note that preference will always be given to those who can commit for 4 weeks or more.

You do not need to speak any Arabic to communicate well. So much communication is done simply by being present. However, any Arabic ability (or enthusiasm to learn it) is welcome!

What should I bring?

Bring sun protection (lightweight clothing to cover your head, neck, and shoulders), mosquito repellant, sturdy shoes, work gloves, beach gear, and a sense of adventure. If you forget anything, you can buy most of the above in shops around Dahab and Nuweiba, but get shoes and cargo gear before arriving if possible.

During winter, bring warm clothes for the evenings when it can get chilly, especially when it’s windy.

It would also be helpful to bring any handicraft household items that may be common in your country/culture, such as sewing kits or bakeware. 

Journée Typique


You will spend a few days at Habiba Organic Farm learning desert farming, water management techniques, and waste management in order to be able to train the Bedouin community. You will also spend a couple of days meeting members of the community in their homes and at Habiba.

Depending on the length of your stay you may learn

  • Household tasks like making jam, bread, cheese, and cakes, especially using local equipment. When relevant, you will learn dietary concepts like basic nutrition, e.g. the importance of sugar.
  • How to prepare the herbs, jams, and flavored tea products that the Bedouin produces to sell.
A typical day
You will interact with community members around Nuweiba and transfer knowledge and skills to them. You will also learn about the local Bedouin cultural heritage and habits.

The workday schedule is flexible, but it is usually divided into morning and afternoon activities. In the morning it starts around 7 am and finishes around 10 am, all the volunteers have breakfast together between 10:30 and 11:30 am, then there is free time and the afternoon activities start again around 3 pm until 5 pm. The schedule slightly changes between summer and winter time. 

The workday usually consists of: 
  • Visiting the Habiba Organic Farm to pick up materials, meet people, and/or help at the farm.
  • Visiting local community members to help with training and gardening projects, handicraft projects, and home projects.
  • Cultural exchange/communication.
Dinner is served at 7 pm and generally is vegetarian, community home-style food, made entirely with produce from the organic farm. 

Activités de Loisir

Nuweiba has a lot to offer for your free time activities.

There are numerous dive centers around, which can both train you in diving and rent your gear. You can also arrange camel rides, both for a one-day ride or multi-day excursions.

There are also yoga, meditation, and craft centers around Nuweiba, boat trips, and safaris.

Please communicate with your hosts if something you’re interested in will take more than a few hours and will interrupt your volunteer work. 

Please note that excursions are not included in the volunteer fee.

Plongée /
plongée en apnée
Musée /
Sports Nautiques
Yoga /


Pour participer à ce programme tu dois avoir au moins 18 ans quand le programme commence. Il peut y avoir des exceptions si tu peux montrer la permission de ton tuteur légal ou si tu es accompagné(e) par l'un de tes parents.
Compétences Linguistiques
Tu dois parler anglais (niveau de base)
Documents Requis
Restrictions de Nationalité
Aucune restriction. De l'aide venant de tous les coins du monde est bienvenu.
Autres Compétences
farming, cooking, handicraft, household skills
Engagement de Temps
Nous avons besoin de ton aide le lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, samedi et dimanche

Services inclus

Services de Habiba Community


2 meals per day plus herbal tea 3 times a day.

Wifi access at the Lodge.

Transfert de l'aéroport Sharm El Sheikh Airport

We can arrange a taxi pickup from Sharm el-Sheikh airport for 1200 EGP


Each room is equipped with beds, sheets, and towels.

Bathrooms are shared. 

Habiba Beach Lodge is 10 minutes walking from the farm and the markets of Nuweiba.

Chambre double Camping
Aliments & Boissons

The meals are vegetarian and many components are from the organic farm. We also provide bottled water, hot drinks like tea or Nescafe (3 times per day), and fruits (served 3 times per week).

The chef at Habiba Beach Lodge can satisfy all of your culinary wishes, but any special requirements should be communicated prior to arrival. Traditional Egyptian cuisine is our standard. Volunteers are free to cook their own meals with the ingredients provided by the Lodge or any other ingredients they wish to buy from local markets. The meals provided are mainly vegetarian according to our concept of farming and self-sustainability. 

Our organic veggies from the farm make superb salads, soups, and sauces.

Accès à Internet
Accès limité sur le site du projet
NE SONT inclus dans le prix:
Visa, billets d'avion, assurance voyage ne sont PAS inclus dans les frais de programme.
Billets d'avion
L'aéroport le plus proche est Sharm El Sheikh Airport (SSH) à Sharm el Sheikh. Nous t'aidons à trouver des vols pas chers pour aller en Égypte.
Assurance Voyage
Partir à l'étranger est une aventure et c'est toujours mieux d'être bien préparé. Que ce soit une maladie soudaine, une blessure ou du vol - une assurance voyage pour Égypte te protège en cas de situation imprévue.
Si tu envisages de faire du bénévolat en Égypte, nous te conseillons de consulter un médecin avant le début de ton voyage. Renseigne-toi sur les vaccins nécessaires pour Égypte.

Dates et Prix

janv. févr. mars avril mai juin juil. août sept. oct. nov. déc.
2 - 12 sem

Frais de Programme

Frais: Prix en USD
2 sem (durée min.)
4 sem
$1 100
12 sem (durée max.)
$4 000
Coût moyen
$304 /sem

Merci de noter que les prix ci-dessus sont des prix estimés et qu'ils sont soumis aux fluctuations des taux de change. Habiba Community t'informera du prix final au cours du processus de candidature.
Acompte (15%)
L'acompte sert à réserver ta place avec l'organisation. Les paiements sont effectués par Paypal, notre partenaire de confiance pour les solutions de paiements internationales. Si tu n'as pas Paypal, tu peux également utiliser ta carte de crédit.
Montant Restant (85%)
Le paiement du montant restant doit être organisé avec Habiba Community durant le processus de candidature. Très souvent ce paiement est effectué par virement bancaire ou en espèces.

Pourquoi partir avec Volunteer World

Couche supplémentaire de sécurité de Volunteer World
Volunteer World est la plateforme comparative principale pour des missions humanitaires internationales. Nous te guidons tout au long de ton processus de candidature - y compris tous les paiements nécessaires. Planifier ton prochain voyage humanitaire avec Volunteer World te permet d'accéder gratuitement à:
Assurance qualité
Normes éthiques élevées & impact social vérifiable
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Modifie ta réservation sans frais supplémentaires
Garantie de remboursement
Si l'organisation annule ton séjour, nous te remboursons les frais
Support & Médiation
Nous te soutenons quelles que soient les circonstances
Notre service est gratuit
Les frais de programme sont perçus directement par Habiba Community.

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Women Empowerment Supporter - Bedouin Community

Help restore Women-run food gardens with daily life gardening activities. Empowered female farmers will be the key to a healthy food chain for the new generations.



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