Turtle Conservation Support Kefalonia, Grecia Plan My Gap Year
Protect endangered sea turtles through hands-on field work as a turtle conservation volunteer in Greece.
Coastal Dolphin Conservation Vonitsa, Grecia Tethys Research Institute
From June to September, be part of a scientific team focused on the study and conservation of coastal dolphins in the beautiful waters of western Greece.
Marine Conservation Intern Lipsi, Grecia Cerca Abroad
Here you'll direct all of your efforts towards marine mammal research & conservation, marine ecology, and environmental awareness.
Conservation of Sea Turtles and Their Habitat Argostoli , Grecia Adventure Volunteer
Together with the project coordinators you will live an incredible natural experience in a paradisiacal destination without having to travel many hours by plane.
Marine and Coastal Conservation Supporter Kefalonia, Grecia Plan My Gap Year
Protect large seagrass meadows and sand dune systems on a meaningful conservation and research experience in Kefalonia.

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