Dog Shelter Helper and Supporter Puerto Escondido, Messico Jamso Trainee
Help take care of street dogs and support rescue activities in Mexico. Find a new home for helpless animals.
School & Educational Supporter Puerto Escondido, Messico Jamso Trainee
Help kids in a nice beach town community to gain more language skills and assist the teachers. The children are from all income brackets.
Trip for sea turtle and wildlife conservation Santa Maria Tonameca, Messico Tartarukus
11 days for experience mexican life as a local travelling along Oaxaca coast & protecting turtles, crocodiles, deers, jungle wildlife, educating children, and more!
Marine Conservation Expedition with PADI Training Puerto Morelos, Messico GVI
Gain PADI certifications while diving in the spectacular waters of Mexico to collect valuable data on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.
Kitten Rescue & Rehoming Supporter Playa Del Carmen, Messico Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers
A non-profit organisation with a no kill policy, the rescue centre is dedicated to reducing the cat population in Playa del Carmen.
Education & Childcare Supporter Oaxaca, Messico Love Volunteers
Help to break the poverty cycle by providing teaching support, taking care of the children and helping with fundraising and research projects.
Dog Shelter Supporter Puerto Escondido, Messico Perros en Puerto
With currently over 100 dogs PEP needs a lot of help with the daily work, such as feeding and walking, maintaining the shelters and finding new loving homes for our dogs.
Conservation and Protection of Sea Turtles Oaxaca, Messico Adventure Volunteer
The aim is to raise awareness among the population near the beaches about the conservation and protection of endangered species.
Organic Farm and living camp Supporter Yalcoba, Messico Ta Náayta
Two axes : Support to agroecological projects for farmers and women in Yalcobá (Mayan community). The development of the eco-place carried by the association.
Healthcare & Clinic Supporter Oaxaca, Messico Love Volunteers
Support local clinics by providing medical assistance and consultation as well as performing medical procedures yourself.
Marine Conservation Internship with PADI Training Puerto Morelos , Messico GVI
Kickstart your career in marine conservation on this internship. Gain PADI certifications while diving in the spectacular waters of Mexico to collect valuable data.
Supporter for Children with Learning Difficulties Zacatelco, Messico Adventure Volunteer
Help children with learning difficulties in Tlaxcala, Mexico, acquire new skills and develop by providing them sensory stimulation and other didactic activities.
Create School Orchards Zacatelco, Messico Adventure Volunteer
Create awareness for the environment, a safe place for youth and children, and promote social and human skills in Mexican communities.
Shark Internship La Paz, Messico Shark Research Mexico
Our shark internship program offers a unique experience and platform for volunteers to gain hands on field experience working with sharks.
Education and School Reinforcement Supporter Zacatelco, Messico Adventure Volunteer
Promote the learning of children from Tlaxaca, Mexico, by giving classes, supporting local teachers, and giving individual reinforcement to students who need it.
English Teacher and Horse Conservation Supporter Santa Maria Tonameca, Messico Tartarukus
Be the English teacher of the community and support them to reach sustainability through ecotourism, caring horses and environmental education.
Marine Expedition & PADI Divemaster Apprenticeship Puerto Morelos, Messico GVI
Get your PADI Divemaster qualification and boost your career when you join a scuba diving and marine conservation internship in Mexico’s picturesque Yucatan peninsula.