Assist Teaching English in a Public School Assist Waste Management & Recycling Innovators Cartagena, Colombia Domino Volunteers
Work alongside local leaders to develop and advance sustainable waste management, recycling initiatives and sustainability projects in local communities.
Assist Teaching English in a Public School Cartagena, Colombia Domino Volunteers
Assist local educators to teach English and support inter-cultural education at a public school in a low-income community in Cartagena, Colombia.
Support Women and Girl's Rights and Empowerment Cartagena, Colombia Domino Volunteers
Work with grassroots organizations dedicated to womens and girl's empowerment via after-school extracurriculars, job preparation, health classes and community engagement.

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Project Details

Our mission is to bridge communities for more sustainable and impactful inter-cultural collaboration.

Domino Volunteers is a grassroots and 100% Cartagena-local organization that helps local social projects connect with volunteers, interns, exchange groups, researchers, and donors. We have created a network of over 30 community-based projects that we personally know are making a positive impact, and additionally have several projects of our own. Project areas include English education, sustainable food and gardening, girls’ empowerment, child development, recycling initiatives, peace education, elderly care, sports programs, environmental conservation, fundraising, technology, and media/communications.

To learn more about our work and past volunteer experiences, we welcome you to check out our website, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Social Impact

We strive toward positive social impact and mutual benefit for both the volunteers and partnering organizations benefiting from the exchange. We get to know our volunteers and connect them to organizations where their skills are most needed and they will thrive personally. The organizations benefit from much needed physical and intellectual resources and our volunteers grow in empathy and global citizenship. Our connections have a domino effect of positive impact: local organizations have the capacity to reach more people and our volunteers spread new found empathy and global perspectives to their home communities and workplaces.

A few statistics on our programs' impact:

500 + Volunteers Connected 

21+ tons Trash & Recycling Collected w/ Foundations 

$ 80,000+ USD Donations Connected to Projects 

1,000+ Children Supported 

30+ Community-based Projects Supported 

1,500+ hours of Free English Classes for Local Communities 

4 Universities Connected 

4,800+ kilos of Materials Donated to Local Foundations 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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